General Hospital’s Sasha Is Poised for the Storyline of Her Life — and She’s Saving [Spoiler] at the Same Time!

Sasha Is Poised for the Storyline of Her Life

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This has been a long time coming — far, far too long for many General Hospital fans. Sasha’s been beat down and tormented from practically the start and this latest cruelty that Gladys and Dr. Montague have been heaping on her has just been beyond the pale. But now, things are finally turning around and Sasha is about to get, if not vengeance on her tormentors, at least justice.

Sam, Dante and Cody are all working with her to take down those who’ve wronged her and now, finally Sasha has Gladys on the ropes and is about to unleash holy hell upon her. Legally, we aren’t entirely sure how this plan is going to shake out, but the important thing is Sasha’s going to get her day. She’s done being the victim and now she’s taking action.

And in the process, oddly enough, she’s also saving Cody.

We know what you’re thinking: We’ve got that backwards! And that’s true enough as far as the storyline goes. He had himself committed, broke the two of them out, then turned himself in. So yes, Cody’s helping Sasha out, but in doing so, she’s pulling a character a great many fans had trouble getting behind up into hero territory.

Sam put it almost perfectly on the Tuesday, September 27 episode when she admitted to Sasha that she couldn’t figure out Cody for the longest time, but now she’s decided she likes him and he’s a good guy. We’re pretty sure a ton of viewers responded with: Same!

Practically since he was introduced, Cody was mostly a dead end character relegated to the Quartermaine stables. He had a shady past connected to Dante, a flirtation with Britt that went nowhere and, perhaps most notably, ended up being Mac’s son. But that was about it, and we still haven’t gotten to see much movement on the Mac front.

But then he jumped in to help Sasha, and from the moment he trussed up Dr. Montague, we could almost see a switch being flipped. Suddenly, Cody was someone fans didn’t just want to cheer for, but needed to cheer for.

So while we hope this is just the start of things finally turning around for poor, beaten down Sasha, we’ve got a feeling it’s also the same for Cody. And that kind of double redemption story is daytime at its finest.