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General Hospital LEAKS! BTS Pictures Reveal A New Twist

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LEAKS! BTS Pictures Reveal A New Twist

General Hospital is steadily moving towards a long awaited and perhaps over due mega reveal! No points for guessing, it’s an easy one! We are talking about Nina’s SEC involvement. The minute couple decided to tie the knot in Puerto Rico, we knew it’s time for the cat to jump out of the bag. More so, when Michael fumed about the snitch and decided to figure it out himself. Add to that the fact that he and Willow decided to join Sonny and Nina for their elopement rendezvous! However, a latest BTS sneak peek teases an entirely unexpected twist! Keep reading to find out!

General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming episodes reveal that Michael’s contact at the SEC will send him proof against Nina. Considering how livid Michael has been over the troubles his mom is facing due to the whole SEC mess. We can assume that he won’t lose a single breath before exposing Nina. Although we have never doubted whether or not Nina will get exposed. The question always was when will she get exposed and who will do it!

GH/ Will Michael expose Nina?

General Hospital: Will they, Won’t they?

Now, we know that Michael is soon going to find all the required ammunition against Nina on General Hospital. Moreover, he also has the perfect soapy opportunity to do so! Nina and Sonny grand Puerto Rico wedding! Nothing more dramatic than the bride or the groom getting exposed and dumped at the altar, right? But a little BTS leak points towards a detour. The General Hospital official X account recently posted a promotional video featuring Sonny and Nina. But what actually caught our eye was that both of them were wearing wedding rings!

GH/Sonny and Nina’s wedding rings

Which means, the wedding happens! But does Nina gets exposed? Well, we can’t say yet. There are only two possibilities here. Either Michael gets the info a few minutes too late and the wedding happens before he can stop it. Or, he does expose Nina before the vows, but Sonny forgives her and marries her regardless! Honestly, we have seen the first go down way too many times. Wouldn’t it be a little different and a lot more dramatic for Sonny to actually marry Nina with full knowledge of what she did? That’s real love! Besides, let’s be honest! Most people in Port Charles have done a lot worse and gotten away with it!

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