General Hospital Left Us Hanging as to What Michael Will Do to Nina — Plus, Is This the Beginning of the End for ‘Sprina?’

Left Us Hanging as to What Michael Will Do to Nina — Plus, Is This the Beginning of the End for ‘Sprina?’

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It was the week many had been waiting for on General Hospital, someone finally discovered Nina’s secret… Michael! But then, nothing happened. Actually, that pretty much sums up most of this week in Port Charles… nothing much happened.

Michael Knows… So Now What?

So Michael finally found out that it was Nina who turned his mother and Drew into the SEC… and then sat on the info. The storylines shifted, and we were left waiting for the next ball to drop. All this build-up with the wedding, and family bonding, only to be left hanging. As I noted in last week’s column, I could see Michael forcing Nina to leave his father, and town, or he’ll reveal what she did. It just seems like he’s not going to expose her, but use this info to his advantage instead.

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It still boggles my mind to continue to hear Drew, and even Michael, downplay the crime of insider trading. Drew mentioned to Carly that the person who turned them in is responsible for his and Carly’s suffering, and Michael made a comment about how his mom’s “minor crime” was used and twisted into something bigger than it was by the person who turned her and Drew into the SEC to cause maximum damage and pain to his family. What power Nina had in forcing the SEC’s hand with what she knew!

Then there is Michael, who spent the last year plotting to send his father to jail, only to use his mobster dad as a threat to force Martin to confirm it was Nina who had him call the SEC. Seems like Michael isn’t too different from Sonny, and is willing to use power, violence and blackmail when it suits his needs! I still want to see Michael in the hot seat when someone learns the truth about his scheme involving Dex, and really hope that intel falls in Nina’s lap!

All Roads Lead to Pautauk

After Mason was caught attempting to kill Ava, and Sonny learned that Cyrus had been released from Pentonville, he finally connected the dots that Cyrus was the big bad boss who has been targetting him. It took him long enough! That no one ever thought to consider it was Cyrus all along, who was the biggest threat in Pentonville to Sonny, is absurd. But as I said last week, it feels like this storyline had no long-term planning, and was just made up as it progressed. What could have been if they had only stuck with the mysterious female boss as it started out…

Meanwhile, Laura’s home and Cyrus is eager to connect with her. Things should get interesting when more dots are connected and it comes out that Cyrus, Austin and Mason had the very much alive Nikolas all along. Which begs the question, when is someone going to tell Ava that her ex isn’t dead? I mean I know she went through a lot this week, but come on! Then again, she did ignore Austin’s attempts to call her…

Then there is Mason, who is like a bad toe fungus that won’t go away. Though if Dante had shot and killed him, he’d probably be in a lot more trouble than he already is for shooting an unarmed civilian.

Deception Disappointment

Much as with Cyrus being the big bad boss, the Deception and Deceptor storyline started out strong but just fizzled out. It made great use of the vets, it brought in fantastic guest appearances from older ABC soaps, and it even had a good little mystery going as to who Tracy was working with and why.

However, Lucy caved into Tracy’s demands and gave up 51 percent of her company and her ELQ voting stock to save the company. The end? And then when Lois confronted Tracy for blackmailing her daughter for greed, Tracy revealed she went after the company to give it to Brook Lynn in the end so she’d have something other than music to fall back on. Say what? Why would Tracy even think Brook Lynn would want to own the company that was stolen from her friends? The friends who currently are former friends who don’t trust her? Though thanks to Felicia’s advice, it looks like Maxie will forgive Brook Lynn soon.

Then there is the fact that the entire mystery about Martin, The Deceptor, and his ex-wife Blair just up and went nowhere. The Deceptor is being marketed again, and what happened to Blair blackmailing Martin into marrying Lucy or else? Did the scab writers simply come in and decide to write their own endings to these storylines? Because that’s what it feels like.

The Bad Seed and Other Odds’n’Ends

Laura, having been brought up to speed on what Charlotte’s been up to, managed to do what Valentin couldn’t and connect her behavior to Victor. This storyline is still not sitting well with me, as it feels like a stretch to think Charlotte would believe Victor’s lies over what she knows to be true. There needs to be more of a backstory here, more conditioning going on than just a letter and some tarot cards from Grandpa…

In Friday’s episode, Liz told Drew that Jake was dating Charlotte, the most popular girl in the school. Meanwhile, Charlotte confided in Laura that she had no friends at school. Did the writers not communicate with one another on this script?

Alexis channeled her inner lawyer in dealing with Judge Kim, and it looks like she’s succeeded in getting Drew’s sentence remitted and helping to free him. The conversations between Alexis and Gregory about her love for the law, and Judge Kim bringing up her disbarment, actually had me hopeful that Alexis may get her license back. Alexis as an editor has just become stale.

So even though “Eddie” thought he knew Lois, he still really hasn’t recognized her. She was only a face in his dream. Still, it seems that is an indication his memory could finally start to return. However, that would be even more bad news for Nina, as he too knows she tipped off the SEC.

Sasha’s wanting to relocate is understandable, but we know she won’t be going anywhere. Cody and Maxie have both been advised to tell her that they don’t want her to leave. Plus, “the move” just seems to be the catalyst for Cody finally admitting the truth that MAC is his father to someone other than Dante. That’s a story I’d like to see front and center now, along with Cody and Sasha becoming something more than just friends.

I almost felt a little bad for Spencer this week, as everyone was putting him on notice about the fact that he wasn’t Ace’s dad and had to accept he might not play as big of a role in Ace’s life in the future as he thinks he is. Both Trina and Kevin drilled that into him, but he is clearly living in denial. Trina is also onto the fact that Esme is into Spencer. Finally, someone is seeing it! Sorry ‘Sprina’ fans, but it’s looking to me like Spencer could do something rash and marry Esme in order to keep his place in Ace’s life. Something is going to happen between them, it seems inevitable that Spencer is going to have to choose between Ace and Trina and soon. It also could pave the way for Nikolas’ return to Port Charles.

So Finn’s friend has a cabin in the mountains, and he and Liz are off to have a romantic weekend and stay in it. Why does it feel like this cabin is going to be located in Pautauk?