General Hospital Spoilers For Next Two Weeks (October 23- November 3, 2023): Charlotte Makes New Evil Plan, Micheal Keeps Nina’s Secret

General Hospital Spoilers For (October 23- November 3, 2023), reveal that Tracy Quartermaine might just have found a way to make up to her granddaughter for how she twister her arm. But will Brook Lynn really look at it the same way? Meanwhile, Cyrus’ release from the slammer will drown Port Charles in a sense of chaos.

Speaking of chaos, Nina’s life could become the same if Mikey spills the beans to Sonny. But will, or does he have other intentions? Similarly, Charlotte too, may have some evil intentions for Anna. So watch out for what she does next and how Valentin tackles the situation. Will he be able to talk some sense into his daughter? Keep reading to find out!

General Hospital Spoilers (October 23- 27, 2023): Michael Makes A Deal With Nina, Tracy Shocks Brook Lynn

Nina’s SEC tip off has become one of the biggest secrets on General Hospital in the recent times. But, the cat is partially out of the bag, now that Mikey knows the truth. However, the spoilers reveal that there is still time for a full blown expose. As, instead of exposing her to Sonny and the rest of the family, Michael will decide to use the intel to his own advantage. He will corner Nina into making a deal with him. Which will allow him to be in charge of how much time Nina spends with Willow and in what capacity. We wonder what he is aiming to achieve with his.

Furthermore, the spoilers for the week of October 23-27, 2023, reveal that Joss will lose her cool at someone and have a confrontation. Perhaps she will find out that Nina was responsible for the SEC secret spill out. Thus, she will attack her demanding some answers. But will Joss fill Carly in on the secret, or will Micheal be able to stop Joss? Stay tuned to find out!

GH/ MIchael makes demands

Moreover, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Tracy Quartermaine will catch Brook Lynn off guard by giving her 51% shares of Deception and making her the top boss of the company. But will BLQ really feel okay with being Lucy and Maxie’s boss? Especially, after all the trouble she caused to them due to Tracy?

On a nicer note, Tracy will also throw a fit about Maxie and Lucy trying to push out Sasha as the face of Deception. So it seems that the young woman might have another reason to stick around. The first one, of course, being Cody. The spoilers reveal that Dante will try to make Sasha see how much Cody really cares about her! Do you think Sasha will give him a chance?

General Hospital Spoilers (October 30-November 3, 2023): Trina Appreciates Spencer, Austin Feels Trapped

Next, Cyrus’ release from the prison will come as a shock to many Port Charles residents. After a menacing encounter with Portia, he will go on to have some with Trina, which may leave her a bit rattled. So, we can assume that the waves of his release will be felt all through the next two weeks. Thankfully, Trina will have some good news that’ll help her push Cyrus out of her mind. The spoilers reveal that in the upcoming episodes Trina will be really appreciative of the efforts Spencer is making.

So this may have something to do with him taking a step back from being overly involved with Ace. Perhaps, Kevin’s words have made an impact on Spencer. But will it really stick, or will it turn into something more problematic later on? Stay tuned to find out!

GH/ Spencer and Trina

Further, General Hospital spoilers reveal that during the week of October 30-November 3, 2023, Austin will try to drown his frustrations in alcohol. Unfortunately, it seems there won’t enough alcohol in PC for that. Since, Ava will continue to shut him out, while, Cyrus refuses to release him from the life of crime under his thumb. Speaking about crimes and criminals, Selina will have to cough up some answers to Sonny, when he corners her for pushing Gladys into a pit of gambling.

Elsewhere, in Port Charles, Alexis will find some relief when she notices that the frigidity between her daughters, Molly and Kristina, is thawing. The Davis sisters will finally start behaving a bit more civil towards each other in the upcoming episodes. This change may come after Molly feels less overwhelmed by her sister, now that the latter is occupied spending time with Blaze!

Anna Makes A Shocking Decision, Cyrus Clashes With Carly

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Anna feels really uncomfortable at The Metro Court. Thus, in the week of October 30-November 3, 2023, she may decide that it’s time to move out and make some other arrangements for herself. Meanwhile, Valentin will continue to remain riled up with Charlotte and her acts towards Anna.

He will seek help from Laura in knocking some sense into her granddaughter. But we’ll have to wait and find out if that makes any difference, But then, we have a feeling that won’t have any impact so soon. Especially, since the spoilers reveal that she has her mind set on a risky new plan right after Halloween.

GH/ Anna makes a decision

Later in the week, viewers will see Carly and Cyrus come face to face on GH. In the showdown, Cyrus will try to sell his act of being a reformed man who found religion. However, Carly won’t be buying any of it. In fact she will issue him a menacing threat and warn him to stay away from her family.

Speaking of her family, Willow will open up to Mikey that she feels happy about getting closer to Nina. This will make Micheal feel all the more torn about exposing Nina’s truth. But the truth will ave to come out one way or the other. We wonder how Willow will react then. What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.