General Hospital’s Réal Andrews Gone for Good? ‘It Was a Great Way to Go Out’

Réal Andrews Gone for Good? ‘It Was a Great Way to Go Out’


That can’t be… it… can it? The last time that General Hospital gave us a glimpse of Taggert, he was drowning in alcohol his sorrows over the reveal that Trina is Curtis’ daughter, not his. Months later, we have no idea how he’s doing. Is the character not only gone for now but gone for good?

We’re not the only ones wondering. “I’ve been getting a lot of champions asking me about [the show],” he says in the Instagram video. “And once again, guys, it’s like, listen, the way I look at it… I’m really, really good with it… I’m like the clean-up, you know, in baseball. If you call me up to bat, I’m gonna come up and hit a home run for you.

“I cannot be and have no desire to be concerned about… when I’m working or why I’m not working… All I can control is what I can control, and that’s that when I am called, I am ready and I show up with excellence.”

Andrews certainly did that in his most recent Port Charles appearance. “I think we’d all agree the last stuff I did [hit the mark], and if that’s the last thing I ever do on General Hospital, it was a great way to go out… stuff I’m very, very proud of.”

Kind of an extra unhappy ending for Taggert, though. Andrews debuted in the role back in 1997 and was replaced that same year by Mathew St. Patrick (later Adrian on All My Children). Andrews returned in ’98 and has played the part off and on ever since.