General Hospital: Carly Is On Her Way To Prison?

Carly Is On Her Way To Prison?

Ever since the judge threw Drew Cain in the slammer on General Hospital, Carly has been trying to find a way to get her lover out. Currently, she has been singularly focused on finding loop holes, and cracks to pull Drew out of prison. She feels like she has found something go by with her hunch about the judge being dirty. But is it really the case? Even if the judge is dirty, can Carly prove it? Or will it just backfire on her royally? Keep reading to find out!

Carly Becomes Restless For Drew

Even though both, Carly and Drew, are guilty of insider trading on General Hospital. Drew took the blame on him for the both of them and faced the music. The music, however, proved far louder and daunting than either of them could ever imagine. Now, he is suffering a terrible fate at Pentonville. Unfortunately, his prison mate, Cyrus, has made things even worse for Drew behind bars than he arrived prepared for. And the latest of Cyrus’ “fun activities” have left a lasting impact.

Drew is currently trying to recover at the hospital after getting attacked in the prison on General Hospital. The attack was obviously orchestrated by Cyrus. His current predicament has turned Carly into a raging bull, who is willing to slice through anyone at this point. She even ripped into Sonny for enlisting Drew’s help in spying at the prison. The very reason why he had to endure the beating. Now, she has shifted her focus to somehow exposing the judge as corrupt, so that his sentencing can be tossed out!

Carly’s Plan Backfires On General Hospital

The latest General Hospital spoilers tease that Carly is relentlessly pursuing Alexis to expose the corrupt judge through The Invader. But honestly, does she really think it will be that easy? Well, even if she does think so, let us tell you it won’t! In fact, it has the potential to massively blow up in her face. For starters, what is she hoping for? It’s not like he will casually make an admission that he reaped personal benefits by throwing 100 instead of one book at Drew!

GH/ Carly seeks Alexis’ help

In the real world, this would just call for entrapment! If Carly tries to trap him too hard and he finds out, he can actually legally hold her accountable for entrapment and slander on General Hospital. However, this is a soap in the end of day. So of course, we will have to make some discounts. Hence, Carly still has a fighting chance against the judge if Alexis agrees to help. What do you think will happen? Will she be able to expose him as corrupt, or will she end up in jail with a slew of charges against her? Tell us in the comments.

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