General Hospital News: What Is Going On With Lexi Ainsworth?

Big News: What Is Going On With Lexi Ainsworth?

General Hospital news says that a lot of people can’t help but wonder what Lexi Ainsworth is up to these days. After all, she’s had one heck of a year! Lexi left Port Charles back in May. Here’s a little run down of what you need to know.

General Hospital News: What Is Going On With Lexi Ainsworth?

After it was announced that Kate Mansi would be her replacement as the new Kristina on General Hospital, Lexi took to her Instagram account to clarify a few things. She wrote, “Hey guys, I wanted to come on here and speak to my GENERAL HOSPITAL fans and let you guys know that after 10 transformative years, both personally and for my character, that I will be leaving GENERAL HOSPITAL and I was looking forward to this upcoming storyline because it was inspired by a personal experience of mine, but I am currently working on writing my own story from my point of view which has been, thus far, cathartic and hopefully inspiring to other women. So, I look forward to sharing that with you guys when it is completed.”

Back in May, Lexi opened up about her departure from Port Charles. She admitted that leaving the show felt very bittersweet for her, just because she considers so many of her cast mates a part of her real family. Plus, she’s been there since the very beginning of her career, too. She said, “It’s definitely bittersweet and hard to say good-bye to this chapter in my life because it was such a significant part of my life. I was 16 when I started and my family on the show is like my second family because I basically grew up on the show. It will be sad not to have the opportunity to work with them on the show anymore, but I know that I will continue to have relationships with those people, and hopefully we can work together down the line.”

General Hospital News: What’s Next For Lexi?

Lexi went on to say that while General Hospital will always be a top priority for her, she does want to work on other projects that she has in the pipeline right now. Luckily, she’s found one of those projects. Just recently, Lexi hinted that she’s working on a super secret film on her new Instagram account. Sharing a pic with her co-stars, she wrote, “So excited to be working with this talented team of people. (Not pictured: @mrdannylux) looking forward to sharing what we’re up to.”

Many of her fans commented on her post with, “This is DEFINITELY a great place to hang out! Got a feeling this project involves your love of yoga or someones journey. Anyway, can’t hear about this project in more detail!” Lexi replied to the comment with, “I get to incorporate several of my passions into one!”

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