Sonny and Nina’s Wedding Begins — and Austin Is Forced to Do the Unthinkable to Save Ava

On the island, Michael and Kristina return from a swim in the ocean to find Sonny writing his vows,

which shocks them as it’s so unlike him. Kristina teases their dad is in love.

Kristina asks her dad what Nina thinks of the island. He doesn’t know, as she insisted they sleep in separate bedrooms to avoid bad luck.

Nina walks around and thinks back to Mike and Nixon Falls, as well as Sonny’s proposal. She also recalls having Martin expose Carly and Drew to the SEC. Donna finds Nina, who is excited about the wedding. The little girl asks Nina if she will be her second mommy after she marries her dad, and Nina says she will. Donna is happy to have two mommies just like Avery.

Nina asks if Donna will be a flower girl today, and the little girl is excited as she was one at Willow’s wedding. Donna asks if Willow will be her sister after the wedding. Nina says in a way, and they’ll be all one big family. Nina gives her another important job, making sure Sonny doesn’t see her before the wedding as it’s bad luck.

Elsewhere, Kristina tells her dad how happy she is he decided to elope, and it’s so perfect here on the island. Sonny is glad she came. She’s bummed Dante and Avery couldn’t come, but jokes at least his favorite kid is here. Sonny thanks her for being one of the first to accept Nina. Kristina is just happy he’s happy.

Donna appears and tells Kristina they have to start getting ready, but Sonny needs to go as he can’t see Nina before the wedding.

In her room, Harmony wakes Willow up from her sleep and says she’s here to protect her, and she has something important to tell her. Suddenly, Wiley wakes Willow up for real before Harmony can tell her what she needed to. Michael soon joins them and says it’s time for a wedding.

Later, Michael and Sonny have changed into their suits. Sonny lets Michael know he talked with Carly before the wedding, and Michael is glad they are getting along as it’s best for everyone. Sonny wonders if that goes for them too.

Michael admits he always loved coming to the island as the ocean was so calming. Sonny bought this island to spend his life here alone, but now it’s become his family refuge. Michael thinks about Morgan when he’s here, and Sonny thinks about him every day. Michael is sure he’d be happy for him today, and he’s happy for him too. They embrace.

Kristina and Willow arrive to help Nina get ready for her big day. Nina is so glad they are both here. Kristina and Willow present Nina with her something borrowed, something blue traditions. Kristina gives her the something new, a shawl that Maxie helped pick out so she is here in a way. Willow gives Nina earrings, they’re old and blue. They were a gift from Harmony on her 16 birthday, and turquoise is supposed to give her luck and protection. They embrace.

Later, Michael finds Kristina staring at her phone, and a message from Blaze hoping she’s having fun. He pokes at her for having her nose buried in her phone instead of enjoying this island.

Sonny takes a private moment in the outdoor chapel to reflect on his wedding day, and prays it’s his last marriage. He thinks about his history with Nina, and hopes he’ll be able to make her as happy as she deserves.

After court, Cyrus tells Austin, “Bless you.”

In a basement somewhere, Ava bangs pipes and screams for help. Mason appears and tells her nobody can hear her, and nobody is coming to help her. She is furious for being held in these conditions, but Mason says this is her fault for double-crossing his boss. Ava again insists she told Sonny nothing. Mason says it doesn’t matter, and she stays here until he gets further instructions. He leaves and locks her in the basement.

Ava maneuvers crates around to try and get to a window high up. Just as she gets to the window, Mason catches Ava as she’s trying to break out. He says he knew she’d try this, but as she can see, there are bars on the window so she’s not leaving until the boss says she does.

Just then, Austin calls Mason with the news that he’s done what he’s been asked, so let Ava go. Mason says neither one of them is calling the shots regarding Ava.