General Hospital Comings and Goings: Blaze Is Back, Jacqueline Grace Lopez Reprises Role

Blaze Is Back, Jacqueline Grace Lopez Reprises Role

Back in April 2023, The Nurses Ball on General Hospital had served as the perfect backdrop for link and Blaze’s story to play out! In case the names didn’t ring a bell, let us give you a mini refresher! Actress Jacqueline Grace Lopez had appeared on General Hospital as a new singing talent, Blaze! Upon landing in Port Charles, she crossed paths with Chase, for a little while there it felt like we will have a new couple in them. But that didn’t happen. Instead, a storyline played out where talent manager Linc was trying to harass her.

However, she exposed him during the Nurses Ball, and exited the soap shortly after. Of course, she had also appeared at Chase’s reinstatement hearing to sing a tale laced with praises about him! But that was the last we saw of the talented performer on General Hospital. But that might change soon! The latest GH spoilers reveal that Jacqueline Grace Lopez is making a comeback on the soap as Blaze once again!

GH/ Brook Lynn and Chase look at Linc and Blaze

Currently, on General Hospital, Brook Lynn Quartermaine stands terminated from Deception, thanks to all the mess Tracy created. In light of this, BLQ will now contact Blaze and ask her to come to Port Charles for a meeting. After the two women have a conversation, Brook Lynn will manage to convince Blaze to hire her as her talent manager. Although this alliance will certainly start on a good note, but we can’t help but wonder if it’ll continue to remain so. Especially, with Chase in the picture!

The last time Blaze was on General Hospital, there were sure shot sparks between her and Chase. But back then, he and Brook Lynn were broken up. However, currently they are a very much in love couple. Do you think Blaze’s return to the fold, especially in BLQ and Chase’s orbit create trouble for the couple? Will we have a love triangle between the three of them? We will have to wait and find out! But if it does happen, we know which pairing we would be rooting for! What about you? Tell us in the comments.

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