General Hospital: Cody and Dante Save Sasha from Dr. Montague

Sasha is Rescued From Dr. Montague by [Spoiler] — and Sonny Makes Gladys Pay a Hefty Price

Thursday, October 5, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Chase learns the truth about his father, Spencer and

Trina enjoy their last day in New York City, and Valentin has good and bad news for Anna.

In New York, Trina can’t believe all Spencer’s done for her. He says there is nothing he wouldn’t do for her. T

hey end up making love again and hate that they must leave today. Trina says she’s going to remember every moment of the trip. Spencer enjoyed watching her in her element in the art museums. They profess their love to one another.

Trina gushes about how she feels this trip has helped her see art in a new way, including through the artist’s eyes. Spencer thinks she sees so much more when she looks at a painting, including the underlying humanity in it. He calls her a vibrant person, an empathetic person, who has completed parts of him he never expected to feel so fulfilled.

Spencer says they still have time before they leave and they could go out for one last meal. She says she’d rather get room service. Trina wishes they could stay in New York, in bed, forever. He agrees, but there are people in Port Charles who will miss her. She knows she has to get back to her parents, and he has Ace. Room service arrives and Spencer grabs it for them.

After breakfast they pack up and print their boarding passes out.  Trina says goodbye to the room, and thanks it for the memories.

Anna arrives at Valentin’s new house and says, “So this is where you’ve been hiding?” He explains he’s not hiding, he’s making a new home for them. Charlotte appears wondering why the front door is open and stops dead in her tracks when she sees Anna. Anna says hello to Charlotte, who asks how she likes their new home. Anna says it’s lovely. Charlotte claims she’s off to the skate park to meet Jake and quickly exits.

Anna looks around the place, and Valentin says he owes her an apology. Valentin says he’s been keeping secrets. She laughs and calls it a pattern in their relationship. Valentin explains he had Martin try and secure this home for them after the fire, and it wasn’t easy. She admits she followed him here that day, but didn’t know it was Martin he was meeting. Charlotte eavesdrops as Anna asks why Valentin felt the need to keep this a secret. Valentin says he didn’t want to disappoint her if the deal fell through, and he bought the house for her and Charlotte to start a life together. Charlotte shakes her head.

Anna tells Valentin it is a beautiful house, perfect even. Valentin just wanted to ride in like a white knight and save her, but he should have asked what she wanted. However, all he’s ever wanted is a life with her. Still listening in, Charlotte thinks back to the note Victor sent her warning her about Anna. He warned her that Valentin was going down a dark path, he’s become weak, and forgotten the importance of family since falling in love with Anna. Victor accused Anna of controlling her father, and she is not who she seems and she should not trust Anna. He tells her to never forget that the Cassadine women are the most formidable members of their family, and he knows she won’t let Anna destroy their family. He advises her to be wary, be armed, stay strong and use any weapon to defeat Anna. Victor further warned Charlotte that Anna will lead Valentin to his death, and Charlotte is the only one who can protect her father from Anna. He says to guide her, he’s giving her these tarot cards to protect and save her father. He calls them valuable tools, and weapons…

Anna says Valentin might not have handled this perfectly, but the sentiment is beautiful. Valentin says now that they have the house, unfortunately, things have changed. He explains these past few months he lost focus on what is going on with his daughter. He realizes he needs to give her his undivided attention right now. Anna understands. Valentin says he bought the house for her, but now is not the time for her to move in. Anna notes his love for his daughter is beautiful. He promises they’ll move in when the time is right. Charlotte spies on them as they kiss, and thinks about Victor’s words warning her about Anna.

At the hospital, in an exam room, Finn checks over Chase, who got pepper sprayed during an incident. He tells him that he’ll see him in the lounge when he’s done getting dressed.

Finn exits and runs into Tracy who tells Finn she just got reinstated to the hospital board. Finn asks Tracy what possessed her to take on that work. Tracy wants to protect her family’s investment in this hospital. They make a date for backgammon, and Finn gets back to work.

Later, Tracy sees Chase resting and his eyes are still red. Worried she asks if it’s Brook Lynn, but he says no. Tracy asks if it’s his father and if he fell again. Is he in the ER? Confused, Chase asks what she’s talking about. She says he was crying… Chase explains he was hit with pepper spray. He can see she knows something he doesn’t and demands to know what that is.

Finn returns as Chase demands Tracy tell him what is going on. Tracy blurts out that his father has ALS. Stunned, Chase looks at Finn, who has a dire expression on his face.

Chase asks Finn if this is true. Finn admits it is, and he was going to tell him. Finn explains their dad has known for months, and he only told him a few weeks ago. Chase is furious that Finn and Tracy both knew, but nobody cared to tell him. He thanks Tracy for being honest, and she says she really thought he knew. He says she was mistaken and storms off. He ends up alone in tears.

Tracy goes after Finn to apologize, but he says it’s not her fault. He should have told his brother, but she knows he was trying to respect his father’s wishes. Still, Finn feels he handled the entire situation wrong.

At The Invader office, Gregory arrives with a copy for Alexis to read over. He puts it on her desk in a folder, and exits. She accidentally knocks the folder off her desk, goes to pick it up, and finds his bucket list in the folder. She quickly puts it back on her desk.

Gregory returns later and asks Alexis what she thought of his article. She says she’s sure it’s perfect, and she’ll read it later. He ends up picking up the folder and dropping it and sees his bucket list inside.  Alexis says she’s sorry but it was in there. He asks if she wants to help him knock off Skydiving from his list. She exclaims of course he’d pick that one. She tells him to pick something else, which turns out to be her worst nightmare… hot yoga.

Alexis and Gregory finish their hot yoga at the studio, which Gregory enjoyed and feels great afterward. Alexis not so much, but admits it wasn’t that bad, but she won’t be doing this again. She asks what’s next on his list. He says he’ll pick their next task after he tells Chase the truth. He hasn’t wanted to tell him while he’s so happy with Brook Lynn.

At Sasha’s, Sonny tells Gladys to stop lying to him as he knows the truth, that she dishonored her son and robbed his widow. He tells her to come clean about hiring that doctor to mess with Sasha’s head. Sam reveals it’s worse, the doctor was Gladys’ poker buddy and the medication made Sasha hallucinate. Gladys swears she didn’t mean to hurt Sasha, and she tried to stop the doctor when she learned what the medications were doing to her.

Sonny says if she had come to her earlier he could have helped her, but instead, she used her family, just like she wormed her back into his family after Mike’s death. Gladys cries she loved Mike, but Sonny warns her to shut up. He yells at her that she used his dad, just like she used her son, and used Sasha. He declares the days of her using anyone are over. Sonny asks Sam to leave them, and Gladys begs her not to go. Sam is sure Sonny will do what needs to be done and exits.

Alone, Gladys begs for forgiveness and claims the gambling was a disease, an addiction, and she got in with no way out. He takes off his jacket and says she needs to pay for what she did.

Sonny says he finds it easier for people to get all their truths out before it’s over, it’s good for one’s soul. Gladys admits Selina was threatening her, and she used Sasha’s money to pay her back. When Sasha wanted to end the guardianship, she made a deal with Montague. However, she swears… Sonny cuts her off and tells her to stop whining. He demands she admit she used Sasha, stole from her, and locked her in a living hell. Gladys repeats the words. Sonny says now it’s time to see what it will cost her, and he calls in Frank. He says Frank is taking her back to her old life in Bridgeport. He says she is not to leave, not to gamble, and not tell anyone they are related. If she does any of those things, Frank will take her on the last ride of her life.

At the PCPD, Mac asks a guard to bring Cody up to interrogation. Later the guard says Cody was checked out by Dante, who is taking him back to Ferncliff.

In Ferncliff, Dr. Montague is about to drug Sasha in her cell when Cody bursts in. Dr. Montague holds a syringe to her neck and says he’s walking out of her and taking Sasha with him. He threatens there are enough drugs in the syringe to turn Sasha into a sleeping beauty, and he has nothing left to lose.

As Montague holds Sasha and heads to the door, Janice appears, and Cody tells her to call security. Sasha cries that Dr. Montague has been drugging her the entire time. Dr. Montague warns them all he’s walking out, and if Cody follows him, or any alarms go off, Sasha dies! Suddenly Cody attacks and pins Dr. Montague against the wall. Dante appears gun drawn and warns him to stand down.

Mac arrives as Cody lets go of Montague, and Montague tries to claim to Mac that Cody tried to kill him and his own officer Dante saw it. Janice says that isn’t what happened, and Dr. Montague threatened to kill Sasha if she didn’t let him escape. Montague is arrested, and Cody tells Sasha it’s finally over. They embrace, and she thanks him.

Mac asks Dante for the details, and Dante relays that Cody asked to be returned to Ferncliff. Mac knows they were in on this together. Dante explains they returned to spot Montague leaving, but that he came back and they followed him in. Dante says Cody did good, and that nurse is a solid witness against the doctor. Mac agrees.

Sasha thanks Dante for helping her, and says she she owes both him and Sam. Cody walks off and finds Montague handcuffed to Sasha’s bed, and gloats now he’s the one trapped and helpless.

Montague gloats his lawyers will defend him and argue he was defending himself against Cody. Cody doubts that but gives him a last punch in the gut for good measure. Montague wants Dante, who saw it, to arrest Cody. Dante says he saw nothing. Mac tells Dante to transport the prisoner and get him ready for booking. Meanwhile, Cody and Sasha leave Ferncliff together, free.