Inga Cadranel on Her Surprising Return to GH

Inga Cadranel on Her Surprising Return to GH

Fans were surprised when Inga Cadranel returned to GENERAL HOSPITAL for another ghostly visit as Harmony in the Sept. 29 episode, and apparently so were some of the staff at the ABC soap!

“When I show up on any set I’ve ever worked on someone always thinks I’m crew,” the actress admitted on Instagram after her episode had aired, so as not to spoil her unexpected appearance. “Happened today again. Always happy to be in Harmony’s pretty dresses.”

To prove her claim, Cadranel shared both a selfie she took after going through hair, makeup, and wardrobe as well as a snap she took in her street clothes before transforming into Harmony. Because her ponytail, striped crop top, and overalls do look more like she could be working backstage at GH instead of on camera!

Cadranel first appeared on GH back in February 2019 as part of the Dawn of Day storyline. But in addition to her connection to the villainous Shiloh, the mysterious woman also had ties to another member of Port Charles society — Willow Tait was her daughter! The role was temporarily recast with Priscilla Garita in March 2022, but Cadranel was back for her alter ego’s tragic end in May of that year when Harmony died after being hit by a car.

However, that wasn’t the last viewers saw of Harmony, as Cadranel reprised the role on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, 2023, when Willow nearly died during childbirth and her mother tried to welcome her to the other side. Now, in the Sept. 29 episode, she appeared to Willow in her dreams with a dire warning. Could she pop up again? Who knows!

One thing’s for sure, her GH co-stars enjoy seeing her back for however long her appearance might be. “I love Ingaaaa!!!!” enthused TV daughter Katelyn MacMullen (Willow). and Cameron Mathison (Drew) declared: “Great to see you at the studio.”

So keep an eye out in case Harmony has more messages from the great beyond!