General Hospital: [THIS] Is Why GH Is Pushing Nikolas’ Return, Reason REVEALED

[THIS] Is Why GH Is Pushing Nikolas’ Return, Reason REVEALED

GH/ Nik in coma

General Hospital spoilers and the rumor mills are dropping hints that the fandom of a certain character/actor may soon have a reason to rejoice! Currently, on GH, the mystery surrounding Nikolas Cassadine is perhaps becoming one of the most thrilling storylines off-late. For a little while, earlier this year, we thought Nik was dead. But that wasn’t the case. A month later, GH revealed a very much alive but comatose Nik at a care facility. And ever since then fans had been waiting for his return to Port Charles.

Now, after an excruciatingly long wait, Nik recently came back to the screen. However, the stint was rather short-lived and barely gave us any perspective on what he is up to. After doing a handful of scenes, Nik decided to go off to Europe. And that was that! General Hospital has literally left the viewers high and dry. With the suspense rising everyday, fans are on the edge of their seats. Waiting to see Nik’s next move. Moreover, what will happen when Ava and Sonny find out that the Dark Prince is actually alive.

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However, the makers are really moving his story at snail’s pace and there might be an explanation for it. Spoilers suggest that General Hospital is hoping to get the OG Nikolas Cassadine back on the screen. That is Tyler Christopher. The much fan fared actor debuted on the ABC soap when he was just a teenager, and was the first ever Nikolas Cassadine. And perhaps that is why fans have a special place for him in their hearts. Moreover, they have never quite accepted anyone as the permanent Nik. Each one of the actors that portrayed Nik have only even considered stand-ins.

The character was last portrayed by Adam Huss. The makers roped him in to portray Nik when actor Marcus Coloma abruptly left General Hospital. The latter claimed that it was due to health reasons. However, many reports have alleged that it was due to a fall out with the production. While waiting to rope in Tyler Christopher seems like a reasonable explanation, we wonder if that really is possible. After all, he too, has had some tough moments off late. One of them being his recent arrest due to public intoxication. That being said, Tyler recently opened up about how he is trying to get back on track.

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What is your take on it? Would you like to see Tyler Christopher return to General Hospital as the OG Nik? Or would you be okay with Adam Huss once again slipping into the character? Tell us in the comments.