General Hospital Spoilers: Felicia Scorpio Seeks Stella’s Help in Life-Changing Decision

Felicia Scorpio’s Quest for Purpose: Will Stella Help Her Navigate the Change?

Felicia Scorpio is looking to make a career change on ‘General Hospital.’ She has decided that her work as a private investigator is too risky and wants to find a more emotionally rewarding pursuit.

Recently, Felicia used her PI skills to help her friend Lucy Coe get information about Lucy’s boyfriend Martin Gray’s finances. Felicia broke into an office to find evidence that Martin was hiding money he received from his ex-wife. Though Felicia was able to get the information Lucy wanted, they almost got arrested.

This experience made Felicia realize she no longer wants to work in such a dangerous profession. She found inspiration in her friend Stella Henry, who works at General Hospital supporting patients and their families.

In the past, Felicia’s own daughter Maxie needed life-saving surgery. Felicia’s friend Bobbie Jones had to make the difficult decision to donate her daughter BJ’s heart to save Maxie’s life.

Felicia was devastated by BJ’s death but grateful for the love and support of family and friends during that emotional time. She wants to be able to provide that same support for others going through medical crises with their loved ones.

Stella has experience helping patients and families cope with challenging diagnoses and treatments. Felicia believes working alongside Stella at the hospital will allow her to make a meaningful impact in people’s lives during difficult times.

Stella was surprised but pleased that Felicia wants to join her efforts at General Hospital. She looks forward to helping Felicia transition into this new hospital role.

Working at the hospital could give Felicia a sense of purpose and fulfillment that her PI work lacks. By supporting patients and families, she may find the emotional rewards she has been seeking in a new career.