Sonny Ends His Alliance With Selina, Pushing Selina To Cyrus| General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny, Selina, and Curtis Ignite Explosive Showdown!

Selina’s Relationship with Sonny:

General Hospital (GH) spoilers indicate that Selina has been playing with fire for some time, which means she might eventually get burned! The relationship between Selina and Sonny is known to GH viewers, but it constantly feels precariously poised to break down.

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General Hospital (GH) fans are in for some suspense as Selina’s actions continue to test the boundaries of her relationship with Sonny. Recent spoilers suggest that her risky moves might eventually lead to a breakdown in their alliance.

This is particularly true now that Selina has gone too far in regard to Sonny’s family. Gladys was an easy mark for Selina, who should never have forced her into those poker games and allowed her to accrue such debt. Nevertheless, she did it because she saw Gladys as a potential victim.

As a result of Gladys’ desperation, which led her to steal from her daughter-in-law and put her through a nightmare, Sasha was, of course, the one who ultimately paid the price. Sonny will not be pleased about that, as Selina sets it all in motion by picking on Gladys for her own personal gain.

When Sonny returns from his upcoming trip to Puerto Rico, it might result in him confronting Selina. Selina has recently made a number of errors, such as trying to pursue The Savoy and putting pressure on Curtis to allow her to take it off his hands, in addition to the Gladys drama.

An Explosive Feud:

Marshall’s decision to end Selina’s poker games infuriated her, and she turned to Sonny for assistance with her plan. However, Sonny was adamant that he and Curtis should be left alone. Sonny might eventually decide that Selina needs to learn a valuable lesson since she is not going to listen.

Selina might even use Trina as a target for Curtis and Marshall as part of a new plan to sway them, which Sonny would undoubtedly object to. It is clear that Selina considers herself to be the most important person in Port Charles, and despite the fact that she frequently defies Sonny’s instructions, she does not appear to be particularly afraid of him.

If Selina pushes him too far and their alliance fails, Sonny might make a promise to alter that. An explosive feud between Selina and Sonny may develop, which may cause mob drama to start. That is especially true if Selina joins forces with Cyrus or Pikeman and causes more havoc.

Keep checking back for updates on any vengeful news Sonny might deliver as General Hospital spoilers indicate that sooner or later, he may need to prove his dominance over Selina.