General Hospital Spoilers For Next Two Weeks (October 30- November 10, 2023): Valentin’s Big Halloween Fright, Esme’s Shocking Confession

General Hospital Spoilers For Next Two Weeks (October 30- November 10, 2023), reveal that Halloween season will takeover Port Charles. Many characters will face some serious frights. Valentin’s situation will be worst of them all when Charlotte pulls off a really unfathomable stunt. Meanwhile, Ava will also face a gutting realization about Austin. Speaking of realizations, Esme too, will have one. However, the confession of it will not go down very well for a couple. But who ad why? Well, keep reading to find out more!

General Hospital Spoilers (October 30- November 3, 2023): Ava Has A Startling Realization, Valentin Makes A Deal With Charlotte

Ava has really been struggling with many setbacks on General Hospital off-late. However, the week of October 30, 2023 will begin with some clarity for her. As regretful as Austin maybe over lying to Ava, he did very well betray her.

In the upcoming episodes, Ava will find out from Laura that Nikolas is very much alive. This will lead her to connecting some old dots, thus, making her realize that Austin knew the truth the whole time. Moreover, he had a hand in keeping him safe and treating him back to health. So be prepared to watch an explosive confrontation between the former friends.

GH/ Ava decides to confront Austin

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Anna will decide that she has lived at the Metro Court long enough. Thus, she will move out of the hotel and move into a new living arrangement. Unfortunately, this will not do much to keep her safe from Charlotte’s evil plans.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the teen will push Valentin to let her go trick or treating with her buddies unchaperoned for Halloween. After much negotiation, Valentin will agree on the terms that she will meet Kevin Collins for a counselling session. Later, when Charlotte is out, she will put a new plan in action to mess with Anna. How will it go though? Only time will tell.

General Hospital Spoilers (November 6-10, 2023): Esme Makes A Confession, Charlotte Goes Missing

The week of November 6-10, 2023, will start on a high note with Esme making a confession we all knew would happen at some point. General Hospital spoilers reveal that she will confess to someone that she is beginning to develop feelings for Spencer.

Moreover, she does not know how to deal with said feelings. Things might become all the more dramatic if she ends up making this confession in front of Trina. We wonder how she will react to this gutting confession. Speaking of Trina, Esme is not the only terror she will have to deal with. She will also have a frightening nightmare about Cyrus. So it looks like he has managed to get under her skin.

GH/ Esme confesses her feelings

Further, General Hospital spoilers reveal that the plan Charlotte puts in motion against Anna will have lasting consequences. Once the plan plays out, the teen will realize that things have gone too far and completely out of her hands. Furthermore, the spoilers hint that Sam McCall and Dante will express some concerns. This may tie in with Charlotte as there are chances that she will go missing in the aftermath of her own plan.

How will Valentin deal with this? Eventually, his daughter will turn up. But how will Val break his father’s wicked hold on the teen to get his sweet girl back? Spoilers say that he may eventually tell Anna the truth about Charlotte being her attacker.

Michael Twists Nina’s Arm, Celebrations For Quartermaine Family

During the week of November 6, 2023, Michael will use Nina’s secret to push her into selling her share of Metro Court back to Carly on General Hospital. How will Nina react to the pressure? She knows she is too far in with the SEC mess. And if Michael reveals the secret, it might destroy her marriage to Sonny, as well as, cost her her relationship with Willow. So at this point, it looks like she may have no other option but to comply with Mikey’s demands.

Circling back to Carly, she will have a heart warming reunion with Drew after he finally gets out of prison. Later, he will also have a warn reunion with his daughter Scout, and the lovely Sam!

GH/ Will Nina comply?

Moving on to the Quartermaines, General Hospital spoilers reveal that there will finally be some progress in Ned’s situation, as he starts to get some past memory flashes. Olivia will be ecstatic, but the only down side for her will be that the flashes will remain limited to Lois as of now. Meanwhile, Tracy will make a huge announcement. It may have something to do with her handing over her 51 % shares of Deception to Brook Lynn. How will BLQ react to this unexpected development? Will she accept it? Stay tuned to find out!

Other GH spoilers reveal that the news of Nik being alive will start to spread through Port Charles. When Liz hears about it, she will share her irritation with Laura. Liz will feel that Nik is avoiding his mess in PC, and he needs to return home to do damage control. We think she is right. What about you? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on Nik’s next move.