Martin, Nina Are Missing & Dex Points Sonny In Pikeman's Direction| General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Reveals Sonny’s Arrest as Dex’s Involvement Unravels

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveals that Michael showed up in Carly’s kitchen and admitted that the FBI arrested Sonny.

Dex’s Involvement and the Missing Flash Drive

Carly already knew and revealed that she called to warn Dex but he hadn’t been heard from since. At the point when Carly pushed for reality and inquired as to whether Michael adjusted his perspective on pursuing Sonny, Michael affirmed that he wasn’t answerable for his dad’s capture.

Just as Dex appeared, Carly inquired if Michael was certain that she had destroyed the only copy of the incriminating flash drive. Dex was now confronted with inquiries regarding the flash drive and whether or not it could have been copied after spending the night in the Quartermaine boathouse.

After Dex recalled scenes of Josslyn wanting Sonny’s takedown, a hungover-looking Joss showed up in the kitchen after a wild night with her friends.

Dex’s Involvement and the Incriminating Flash Drive

Josslyn was scolded by Carly because she couldn’t get in touch with her before Dex said that someone turned Sonny in last night.

Carly inquired as to whether it was Josslyn, who denied it and sparked additional inquiries regarding what transpired after the flash drive was destroyed.

Dex conceded he took it and wanted to consume it, yet he ended up throwing the pieces in a public garbage bin. Because of this, Michael and Carly were concerned that the federal authorities might have obtained it and used their technology to obtain evidence.

Sonny, on the other hand, refused to cooperate when FBI interrogators attempted to obtain information about Pikeman from him. Diane ultimately showed up and upheld Sonny about being an espresso merchant.

Sonny’s Interrogation and Diane’s Support

Diane also stopped the questioning, but she said that she couldn’t get bail for the NSA charges. Sonny was eventually led away in handcuffs because he would have to wait 72 hours to appear in front of a judge.

Someone higher up saw the incriminating images of the Pikeman boxes and thought they had hit the jackpot after receiving a report on the raid from one of the FBI agents.

At Deception, Maxie pushed Lucy to reach a settlement with Tracy since she was a single mom who depended on the company for her financial future. Lucy didn’t want to wave the white flag yet because she thought Tracy had made this personal. Lucy promised to think of something since Tracy couldn’t show that she thought of The Deceptor first. Lucy’s eyes were devious.

Austin, Nikolas, and Ava’s Complicated Dynamic

At the gallery on Tuesday’s GH episode, Mason flirted with Ava and once again gave her a vague explanation about the delay on Nikolas’s corpse.

When Austin came home, he called out for Nikolas and realized he wasn’t there. After a morning jog, Nikolas finally returned and thanked Austin, who was almost back to normal after his traumatic brain injury.

Austin thought it was time for Ava to learn the real story in light of this. Because Nikolas was alive and well, Ava was torturing herself over a lie.

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Austin’s Revelation to Ava About Nikolas

Austin downplayed their connection and questioned whether the threat of prison was keeping Nik away from Port Charles, but Ava and Austin’s closeness caused Nikolas to become suspicious.

Although Nikolas still had a few things to take care of, he assured Austin that he was eager to see Spencer, Laura, and Ace and even set things right with Ava.

Ava called Austin to let him know that Mason was being creepy and checking on her while Nikolas was in the shower. Ava went on to say that Mason deflected once more on Nikolas’ body and stated that he still needed to resolve the matter with the boss.

Cyrus’s Warning to Drew in Pentonville

At Pentonville, Cyrus found Drew when he was getting out of the shower and warned him that he was no longer under Sonny’s protection. Cyrus claimed that he overheard other inmates saying that Sonny was taken into custody by the federal government and that Sonny couldn’t even defend himself.

Drew had misgivings since Sonny was excessively brilliant for that, yet Cyrus behaved like the federal authorities don’t play with regard to infringement of the National Security Act.

Cyrus later gave Drew a chess set and talked about how it helped him see how the other player thinks. After Cyrus persuaded Drew to play him, he appeared to be satisfied with Drew taking decent action against him on the board.

At their penthouse, Dante voiced his concerns to Sam since this could be the end of his father. Sam pointed out that Sonny always managed to get out of tight spots in the past, but Dante said he didn’t have a Jason this time.

Dante and Sam’s Concerns

All things considered, Sam contended that Sonny had a lot of faithful individuals in his corner to assist him with battling the charges, including Diane. Dante believed that Sonny would spend the rest of his life in prison if he was found guilty.

When Sam wondered if this could be tied to what happened at the Metro Court pool, Dante didn’t think so – though he couldn’t rule it out.

Dante continued to fret over how many people would suffer if Sonny went to prison since it’d leave a gaping hole in his family. While Dante was showering, Sam called Ferncliff and learned that Cody had been on a 24-hour watch and hadn’t been left alone since he got there.

Sonny’s Fate

After Sam vowed to call back later for updates, she muttered about Cody needing to tone it down or else he wasn’t going to be able to get to Sasha. Dante thought about how different Sonny’s moral code was from his own after getting out of the shower.

Nonetheless, the more Dante got to know Sonny throughout the long term, the more he saw that perhaps their codes were inches separated as opposed to miles. He hoped that since Sonny was also Dante’s father, Sonny might be able to win the case once more.