General Hospital Alum John Stamos Yelled At Elizabeth Taylor On Set!

General Hospital news and updates reveal Full House star John Stamos recalling his days on General Hospital. And the actor dropped a bombshell about a close encounter of the rude kind with superstar Elizabeth Taylor.

Find out why John admitted to screaming at the renowned actress. And keep reading to learn what else he revealed about his time on General Hospital.

General Hospital Spoilers – John Stamos Struggled In Emotional Scene

John Stamos earned his first TV credit on General Hospital. But the Full House star just confessed that he experienced an embarrassing encounter with Elizabeth Taylor via EW.

Famed for her stellar acting career, including winning two Oscars, Elizabeth had been spending time on set. But Stamos didn’t realize it. And so as the actor attempted to nail an emotional scene on General Hospital, he noticed some noise.

“It was one of those scenes where it was the first time when my mother was dying on the scene in the show,” Stamos recalled. “And I never really experienced that and I was trying to say, ‘My mother’s dead. My mother’s dead,’ in my head.” But John admitted that mentally, he kept thinking, “No she’s not. She’s teaching CCD down in Orange County.”

General Hospital Spoilers – John Stamos Yells At Elizabeth Taylor!

However, as the noise continued, Stamos felt annoyed. And then he recalled watching another General Hospital actor issue a complaint about a problem with their eye line on the set. As a result, John took his cue from that memory.

And he explained, “I heard this rustling, and it was, I couldn’t get through the scene,” he said. Because of the distraction, he kept “f—ing it up. I couldn’t get to that emotional place, and I heard rustling and I heard a pop,” he added. “And then I was like, ‘Get that old lady out of my eye line’!”

However, then Stamos realized who and what made the noise. And he recalled, “The old lady was Elizabeth Taylor, and she just popped, they popped a bottle of champagne in the director’s chair.”

As for how the actress ended up drinking champagne on the set of General Hospital, she had starred in three episodes of the soap opera in 1981. And Elizabeth had become friends with Stamos’ co-star Anthony Geary.

John made the confession amid discussing his new memoir If You Would Have Told Me. And his embarrassing incidents don’t end with yelling at Elizabeth Taylor. For instance, John recalled discovering his then-girlfriend in bed with Tony Danza. But he also described how he became sober, admitting that he retained no memory of filming My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.

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