Sonny Has Evidence, Helping Dante & Curtis Put Selina In General Hospital Spoilers

In the ever-compelling storyline of General Hospital, a shocking revelation is on the horizon,

and Dante Falconeri might be the one to uncover the truth behind a devastating attack on

Curtis Ashford in the Metro Court. The attack, which left Curtis paralyzed, was initially

thought to be a case of mistaken identity, where Curtis was unintentionally targeted

. However, as the pieces of the puzzle start coming together, it appears that Curtis was the intended victim all along, and he has an unknown enemy who wants him harmed.

Sonic Kento, who has been closely involved with the situation, may hold the key to identifying this mysterious adversary. It’s clear that someone wants Curtis out of the picture, and only Sonny knows the identity of this individual. The suspense continues to build as we delve into the investigation of this shocking attack.

Dante Falconeri, who is no stranger to law enforcement, finds himself with some unexpected free time on his hands. As a result of being suspended due to the attack, Dante is eager to take matters into his own hands and delve into this perplexing case. He’s determined to uncover the truth behind the attack on Curtis.

Dante’s investigation leads him to team up with his girlfriend, Sam McCall, who is known for her detective skills. Together, they start piecing together the clues and realize that the true target of the attack wasn’t Sonny or Nina, as originally assumed. Curtis was the intended victim, and this revelation takes the case in a new direction.

As they delve deeper into the investigation, Dante and Sam come to the realization that the attacker’s target wasn’t Sonny or even Anna, as initially suspected. Instead, all evidence points to Curtis being the primary focus of the assailant. The attacker’s intentions become clearer, and it appears to be related to Curtis’s ownership of the nightclub, The Savoy.

The prime suspect in this puzzling case is Selena Wu, who has a significant interest in acquiring The Savoy. Dante’s investigation leads him to suspect Selena’s involvement, but he lacks concrete evidence to substantiate his claims. Dante is aware of his father’s business partnership with Selena, and he might seek information from his father to help shed light on the situation.

Sonny Corinthos, on the other hand, also shares Dante’s suspicions and is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. Sonny has a history with Selena and a vested interest in ensuring Curtis’s safety. He has previously warned Selena to stay away from Curtis, emphasizing that it’s in her best interest to leave him alone.

As the story unfolds, Sonny may reveal evidence of Selena’s involvement to Dante, unless Dante handles the case with the utmost discretion and integrity. The dynamics and alliances in Port Charles are shifting, and the pursuit of justice and the truth will continue to be at the forefront of this gripping narrative.

General Hospital fans can anticipate a riveting storyline full of suspense, unexpected alliances, and a quest for justice. Stay tuned for more thrilling developments as the characters delve deeper into the mystery of Curtis’s attack and uncover the truth behind the intended target.