Is Sofia Mattsson leaving General Hospital? Explained

As the leaves begin to change and the fall season settles in, a new page is turned on General Hospital. Fans are buzzing with speculations and rumors surrounding the potential departure of one of their beloved characters, Sasha Gilmore, portrayed by actress Sofia Mattsson.

General Hospital enthusiasts have witnessed the budding connection between Sasha Gilmore and Cody Bell, portrayed by Josh Kelly. While it may not be a whirlwind love story, Cody’s genuine attraction to Sasha has kept fans engaged.

However, the recent storyline developments have left viewers wondering if Sasha is bidding farewell to Port Charles in October 2023. So, if you are wondering if Sasha will leave General Hospital, the answer as of now is no since there is no official confirmation.

General Hospital: Sasha’s decision on Port Charles may hint at Sofia Mattson’s exit from the show

Sofia in an episode from December 2020 (Image via ABC)

Recent General Hospital spoilers suggest that the bond between Cody and Sasha is growing stronger, especially with the removal of Gladys Corbin from the picture. It was Gladys who had been casting doubt on Cody’s intentions all along, not Sasha.

With Gladys’s true intentions exposed, Sasha can now let her guard down and explore her relationship with Cody without external interference. However, the question remains: Will this romance withstand the storms in Port Charles?

Sasha co-owns Deception Cosmetics on the show (Image via ABC)

While Sasha is undoubtedly grateful for everything Cody has done for her, she believes that her future lies beyond the confines of Port Charles. The city holds painful memories of her past, including the loss of Liam and Brando, which continue to haunt her.

Moreover, Gladys took advantage of Sasha during her most vulnerable moments. To make matters worse, Sasha was blindsided by the revelation that Lucy and Maxie had replaced her as The Face of Deception.

The possibility of Steve Burton’s return to the show has set gossip mills abuzz, but Sasha’s exit remains unconfirmed. Currently, the show’s latest news reports and casting changes have not officially confirmed Sofia Mattsson’s exit from the show.

Sasha and Cody’s future remains uncertain (Image via ABC)

For now, fans can only hope and speculate about the future of Sasha and Cody. It seems that neither Maxie nor Cody can persuade Sasha to stay, as her decision to remain in Port Charles ultimately rests in her hands.

If Sasha were to depart from the role as The Face of Deception, the rumor mill suggests two potential candidates – Trina and Blaze. The former could follow in the footsteps of Miss Star Eyes Laura.

On the other hand, Blaze’s music career could receive a substantial boost from a high-profile modeling contract. Furthermore, if Blaze secures the coveted job, it would pave the way for her manager, Brook Lynn, to make a comeback at Deception, potentially rectifying some of the damage done by Tracy Quartermaine.

Final thoughts
Sasha’s future in General Hospital is under the scanner (Image via ABC)

In the world of General Hospital, where romance, drama, and intrigue entwine, it’s hard to predict the future with certainty. The fate of Sasha Gilmore remains a mystery, and fans eagerly await the next twist in the ever-evolving narrative of the show, which is currently in its 61st season. With the recent exits of Gladys and Dr. Montague, fans are on the edge of their seats.

Viewers will just have to be more patient and stay tuned to see if Sasha’s departure becomes a reality or another tantalizing plotline in the world of their all-time favorite fictional city, Port Charles.