General Hospital: Will Roger Howarth Bow Out As Austin, Returns As A Whole New Character?

Austin Holt is pressed hard against the wall these days on General Hospital. Unfortunately, he has no one but himself to blame for his predicament. As much as he may have wanted to tear away from his family business of crime, he has not been able to do so. In fact, he seems to have dug himself deeper in the fire pit, if you ask us. Moreover, given his rather defeated outlook these days, will he be able to climb out of the hell hole? Or has he embarked on a path that leads to his en don the ABC soap? Keep reading to find out more!

Austin Feels Lost On General Hospital

Previously, on General Hospital, when Ava and Austin crossed paths, it looked like they would rise as the next big couple on the ABC soap. In fact, the story seemed to move in that very direction for the longest time. From Austin covering up Nik’s supposed murder for Ava to him standing by her side in every walk ever since. However, his “act” started to show cracks when Cyrus got involved in the drama. He was so so scared of the dire consequences he may suffer, that he pushed Ava to snitch on Sonny.

GH/ Austin and Ava

Moreover, as it turns out, he was even well aware of Nik being alive on General Hospital. Something he could have easily told Ava if he wanted to. So now, when Ava wants to sever every connection with him, we can’t really blame her. Just like her, we are not buying his story about not being aware of Nik’s survival. We are not saying he does not have a soft corner for her, or that he harbors bad intentions for her. But there i certainly too much bad blood there. Especially with Cyrus’ involvement, and Ava almost losing her life due to the drama.

Austin Decides To Confess, Lands His Life In Danger With Cyrus

The latest General Hospital spoilers reveal that in the upcoming episodes, Austin will decide to turn himself in to the cops and make a full confession. Well, given the fact that Dante is on his case and wants to grill him, it won’t be too difficult to actually get talking. However, the danger will arise after he starts coughing up truth bombs. By now, it is absolutely clear that Cyrus has been the one calling the shots for Austin and Mason. Which means, if Austin confesses, Cyrus goes right back to prison.

GH/ Cyrus pushes Austin

But with all the big plans that he has in mind, Cyrus can’t let that happen. Can he now? Certainly not! So we might just see him planning another behind the bars crime! Drew may have survived Cyrus’ attacks, but there is a hefty chance that Austin will not! It might really be the demand of the story. Cyrus can’t get taken down so soon. He has a huge fight left with Sonny.

Besides, Austin seems to have hit a dead end. But Austin’s death doesn’t necessarily mean the end of Roger Howarth’s run on GH! We have previously seen him die as Franco, only to rise back as Austin. So what do you think? Would it be fun to watch Roger come back as a whole new fascinating character? Tell us in the comments.