General Hospital Spoilers: Spencer Love Dilemma Deepens with Trina and a Surprise Entrant!

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General Hospital (GH) takes a dramatic turn as Spencer’s attachment to Ace strains his relationship with Trina. Trina’s relief at Esme’s decision to move out with Ace triggers Spencer’s exaggerated expectations of a perpetual living arrangement. As Spencer seemingly prioritizes Esme over Trina, a potential solution emerges—a new romantic contender.

Whether it’s an existing character like Dex or Adam, or a fresh face, the prospect of a romantic triangle adds intrigue. Will a new love interest be the catalyst for Spencer’s awakening in matters of the heart?

Spencer’s Parenting Dilemma

Spencer’s attachment to Ace has been causing a lot of issues in his relationship with Trina. To Spencer’s dismay—he thought Trina ought to be on his side—Trina was relieved to learn that Esme wanted to move out with Ace.

Spencer, though, is exaggerating when he says that this living situation will last forever. Given that Esme is a part of the Ace package, it is understandable why Trina left Spencer.

Is Spencer really under the impression that he can live a separate life from Trina while co-parenting with Esme under one roof forever? Trina wishes Spencer would prioritize her for once, but at this point in the narrative, it is possible he can’t. Perhaps a little competition would serve as Spencer’s wake-up call?

Another Player in Trina’s Love Life

It could change everything if a new man enters Trina’s life and causes her to become envious. For the show, adding a new guy to the mix would not be too difficult. Rory was Trina’s, of course, before “The Hook” took him out, but he was always a tad too sweet and uninteresting.

The show may feature a more seductive character that Trina would find attractive and Spencer would feel compelled to shield her from. If, however, they choose not to add a new member of the cast, then there are other choices.

Since Dex and Trina have become friends, the GH writers could allow that to grow into something more to establish a romantic triangle involving Josslyn. Adam could be an additional choice to think about in the future, as he has previously shown romantic interest in Trina.

In any event, Trina should not have to wait for Spencer to decide that he can be a responsible boyfriend. Introducing a new romantic partner into this plot would be intriguing to observe Spencer’s response!