General Hospital Spoilers For The Week of November 20, 2023: Anna Rips Into Valentin, Kristina and Blaze Get Closer

General Hospital Spoilers For The Week of November 20, 2023, reveal that many dynamics will shift in the mystical town of Port Charles. For starters, Kristina and Blaze will spend more and more time with each other. Hence, deepening their friendship. Meanwhile, Anna and Valentin’s relationship will hang by a weak thread. Is there anything Valentin can do at this point, to save their love? Also, watch out for Carly reach decision over what to do about Nina’s offer. So dive right in to find out all the juicy details.

Kristina and Blaze Come Closer, Anna Lashes At Valentin

Ever since Blaze circled back to Port Charles on General Hospital, she has made some new friends. Kristina being on the top of that list. The latest spoilers reveal that their friendship will get even firmer in the upcoming episodes when Blaze invites Kristina to join her for a recording session. Later, when Kristina realizes that Blaze has no one to celebrate Thanksgiving with, she invites her to join her family at Alexis’ place. Looks like the duo is steadily heading towards their friendship taking a more romantic turn.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Anna and Valentin’s conflict will get much worse in the week of November 20, 2023. She feels betrayed by him for keeping such a huge secret from her. Thus, she will point blank confront him over Charlotte’s matter. Unfortunately, there will be no resolution in sight. Hence, it feels like as for now, she will be calling it quits with Valentin. Thankfully, Robert will lift her spirits later by giving her a happy surprise. This may involve a visit from their daughter Robin! So watch out for a heart warming reunion there.

General Hospital Spoilers: Carly Has A Decision To Make, Quartermaines Have A Surprise Visitor

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Carly too, will get a surprise visit on General Hospital. And it will be from Drew. The two will catch up and make up for lost time. However, they will also have some important choices to make. Carly may discuss with Drew about accepting or rejecting Nina’s offer for The Metro Court. Furthermore, the spoilers reveal that there will also be a tense conversation between Carly, Drew and Ned. This too, may have something to do with the hotel and of course, Nina. We wonder if Ned might end up spilling some truth during the heated conversation!

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the residents of Port Charles will be celebrating Thanksgiving during the week of November 20, 2023. The Quartermaine family will have a surprise visitor joining them for the festivities. It will be none of than Lois’ mum, Gloria Cerullo!

The latest spoilers reveal that Gloria will be blazing into town with secrets in tow. Which will eventually shake things up massively for Brook Lynn and Lois. Any idea what this secret could be?