General Hospital: Wally Kurth Says A BIG GOODBYE!

In a recent twist on General Hospital, Wally Kurth, known for his various roles on the show, said a heartfelt goodbye to the character of “Eddie Maine.” The unexpected departure left fans both interested and a bit sad. Now that the actor really has bid his farewell, he recently opened up about how it felt for him to play the character and say goodbye to it. Keep reading to know all about it.

General Hospital: “I Will Miss That Because It Was Kind Of Fun” Says Wally Kurth

Amid the mix of emotions stirred by “Eddie Maine” leaving General Hospital, Wally Kurth shared exclusive insights with SOD. He opened up about his feelings regarding the exit of “Eddie Maine.” Despite the disappointment felt by some loyal viewers, Kurth talked about the joy that came with playing the character. He also highlighted the uniqueness of the experience.

The exit of “Eddie Maine” happened as Ned Quartermaine’s original memories came back after a head injury. Fans were eagerly waiting for Ned to reveal the truth to Drew about Nina’s involvement with the SEC. They were taken on an unexpected journey in the storyline when a sudden twist disrupted their expectations.

In a straightforward talk with Soap Opera Digest, Kurth delved into the layers of his experience in General Hospital, expressing his fondness for the character of “Eddie Maine.” He spoke about how the role connected with him on a personal level. It provided a platform for him to embrace a carefree and artistic side that was different from his other roles on the show.

“Eddie was much more carefree and just, you know, about the art and about the music and definitely not about the corporate thing,” explained Kurth. “That’s more like Wally than Justin or Ned.” Kurth, in a heartfelt revelation, acknowledged that he would miss the unique experience of embodying “Eddie Maine.” However, he also recognized that it was time to return to the familiar grounds of the character, Ned Quartermaine. This addition brought a layer of nostalgia to his journey on General Hospital.

As the “Eddie Maine” chapter comes to a close, fans can anticipate the eagerly awaited return of Ned Quartermaine. The curtain falls, paving the way for excitement surrounding Ned’s resurgence. The revelation surrounding Carly and Drew’s arrests hangs in the balance, promising a captivating saga of twists and turns. Viewers are encouraged to stay tuned to General Hospital for the unfolding drama.

This ensures they don’t miss a moment of the compelling narrative. As the story unfolds, stay connected with the latest developments on General Hospital. Tune in to upcoming episodes to witness Ned Quartermaine reclaim the spotlight and unravel the mysteries that lie ahead!