General Hospital: Cameron Mathison Announces WRAP! End Of GH Stint?

Oh My God! Drew and Carly fans are up for a setback on General Hospital. The ex-Navy Seal has just won his freedom from prison. And is currently struggling with settling back down in normal life. Well, at least normal-adjacent, considering that we are talking about life in Port Charles! When Drew was released, many fans rejoiced thinking he will have a major romantic reunion with Carly. However, going by actor Cameron Mathison’s latest post, their future seems in TROUBLE!

The latest media reports suggest that Cameron Mathison has signed the dotted lines for a major project. To be precise, The General Hospital star has bagged a multi-picture deal with Great American Media. The company has previously dished out stellar hits like – Great American Family and Pure Flix. While this is amazing news for the actor personally. It might actually end up spelling disaster for his character – Drew, and his lady love – Carly.

Is The End Already Upon Carly and Drew on General Hospital?

Cameron Mathison is no stranger to TV films. Especially with two Christmas movies he has already done for the Great American Family channel. The General Hospital star has also been starring alongside Allison Sweeney in Hallmark productions for several years now. Many a times, when he had been occupied with new projects, his screen time had fallen on GH. Is that where Cameron’s new deal will lead Drew? Is he out of the soap soon?

In addition to the above projects, Cameron took to Instagram to announce yet another collaboration. The General Hospital actor posted a picture with his gang of boys on his story. ” It’s a Wrap” he gushed. Furthermore, he wrote in his story that he thoroughly looking forward to share more about his new project soon.

With so many projects in his kitty, it is a little hard to imagine him giving General Hospital as much time as a regular face on a daily soap would. So even if Cameron does not exit the soap. There is a huge chance that Drew and Carly’s story might take a back seat. Thankfully, GH has a more than just a full house with cast and characters. So one character falling behind might not pinch the entire viewership. However, the lack of screen time together might certainly pinch Drew-Carly fans!

Taking a peep at the story, Nina’s SEC secret is on the verge of spilling out. So a lot of the focus on General Hospital might shift to Sonny, Nina and Carly. Moreover, if Sonny decides to distance himself from Nina in the aftermath. He might just end up finding solace in Carly. So Drew’s lack of visibility will make sense. It might even make CarSon fans rather happy! What do you think?