General Hospital Star Roger Howarth Announces EXIT

Hey, General Hospital buddies! Some sad news: Roger Howarth, is saying bye to General Hospital. In the previous episodes, Austin Gatlin-Holt, the character he played, bled to death and now Roger is leaving the show. He shared this in a friendly chat, revealing that his contract wasn’t renewed. But don’t worry; he’s cool about it and grateful for all the love. Keep reading to find out all about his exit from General Hospital.

General Hospital: Roger Howarth Talks About Leaving

Howarth’s departure revelation unfolded during an open chat with Soap Opera Digest. In this conversation, he candidly shared the reasons behind his exit from General Hospital. He revealed that a few weeks prior, Executive Producer Frank Valentini made a call serving as the messenger of change. He conveyed the decision not to continue Howarth’s contract and to wrap up Austin Gatlin-Holt’s story with a dramatic exit.

GH/Roger Howarth as Austin on the soap opera

In the face of this unexpected turn, Roger Howarth displayed remarkable grace. He took a moment to process the news and chose to focus on gratitude. Expressing appreciation for the unwavering support of daytime fans, Howarth’s farewell Instagram post became a testament to the deep connection he shared with the General Hospital audience.

Moreover, the actor also posted about his exit on his social media. Confirming the news, Roger Howarth posted a picture of his shadow with a coffee mug in one hand and rabbit gesture in the other. Captioning his post he said, there are three things that he knows for sure. The first one in the list of three was his appreciation for the Daytime fans. He instated that he felt that daytime fans were lovely, amazing, supportive, and dedicated. He feels grateful for all of them.

In his list, the second one was the fact that he enjoyed his time on General Hospital. This mind you also makes to be the confirmation of his exit from the daytime drama. He said that wishes the cast and the crew the best and he has had pleasure working with all of them. Lastly, he said, life was amazing and he doesn’t know what is going to happen next but it is great. Concluding his post, he made it very clear that he is very hopeful and thankful for everything that has happened and is looking towards a brighter future.

GH/ Roger Howarth’s Instagram Post

Will Roger Ever Return?

Roger Howarth’s time on General Hospital is a tapestry woven with diverse characters. This includes the iconic Todd Manning and Franco Baldwin before he took on the role of Austin Gatlin-Holt. Currently, there’s no indication of Howarth returning in a different role. Nevertheless, he maintains an optimistic outlook on future adventures beyond Port Charles.

Despite the bittersweet sentiments of fans bidding farewell to a beloved actor, Howarth harbors no ill feelings. His parting words extend beyond the character, expressing gratitude for the camaraderie with his colleagues on set. As he wishes the cast and crew continued success, it’s evident that Howarth’s legacy on General Hospital is one of joy and collaboration.

GH/Roger Howarth

Furthermore, as the General Hospital narrative deals with the aftermath of Austin Gatlin-Holt’s departure, GH spoilers tease viewers with the prospect of an investigation led by Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna). The unfolding storyline beckons answers and closure, providing a poignant transition for fans still adjusting to the departure of a cherished actor. Roger Howarth’s exit from General Hospital marks not just an end but also a new beginning.

His versatile performances, from the cunning Todd Manning to the complex Franco Baldwin and the more recent Austin Gatlin-Holt, have left an indelible mark. As the soap opera continues to evolve, fans find themselves at the crossroads of nostalgia and anticipation, wondering what captivating narratives await and where Roger Howarth’s path will lead in the ever-shifting world of television drama. For latest GH updates, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers.