General Hospital Spoilers For Next Week (November 27- December 1, 2023): Ava Makes A BIG CONFESSION, Gloria Sends Ripples Across The Town

We might be done with the Thanksgiving but General Hospital isn’t. As we step into the week of November 27- December 1, 2023, citizens of Port Charles will still be celebrating and we will get a peek into it. We will see new (read: old) characters coming in and causing a lot of drama. There will be some medical issues, legal drama, and of course, the mob drama. There is indeed a lot happening in the upcoming week. Keep reading to find out all about it.

Problems, Problems!

The week of November 27- December 1, 2023, will start with Gloria bringing in a lot of drama. She will drag Lois and Brook Lynn into it too. The speculations say that she will update them on the issues she is facing and hope these two can help her out of it. But Gloria isn’t the only one facing issues because further GH spoilers suggests that Stella and Portia will have to deal with a problem too.

GH/ Gloria Is Back

A little birdie will inform Portia and Stella about what their dearest Curtis is upto and they will be alarmed. For you knowledge, Curtis has decided to team up with Jordan and work on his case. He will want to investigate and for very obvious reasons, Portia and Stella won’t like the idea. They will be worried about his safety but Curtis will continue to try and get them on-board with his almost dangerous idea.

General Hospital: More Troubles Ahead

Elsewhere, Molly Lansing and TJ will get in a fight. There is a huge possibility that they are not on the same page about the surrogacy situation and finding for a new one is not as much of a smooth ride as they might have initially thought. Would they be able to figure this situation out? We will have to wait to know.

GH/ Molly and TJ get face issues

Later on in the week, TJ will get some guidance from Portia and feel a little comforted. Molly will also seek support from Kristina as she grieves the loss and prepares herself for what’s next. Kristina hasn’t yet offered to be the surrogate again but we wonder how long will it be before Kristina does it, again.

Finn Is Cornered, Sonny Gets Suspicious

There will be some law-related issues taking the centre stage this week too. Finn will continue to deal with the lawsuit and while he is losing his mind, Elizabeth Baldwin will give him a pep talk. She will ensure he is on his feet. To help the good doctor, Martin Grey will stop up as Finn’s attorney and help him deal with the whole situation.

GH/ Finn gets a pep talk

On the other end of the town, Sonny will smell a rat. He will pick up on the strange vibe between Anna and Nina and wonder what’s going on there. Of course, the mob boss is rarely wrong about things like such. There is a beef being cooked between these two ladies. After all, Nina helped Valentin hide the truth about Charlotte from Anna and Anna isn’t too happy about it.

More Sonny-related spoilers suggest that while all the Anna-Nina situation is heating up, he will still be positive. In fact, he will start planning his Christmas Eve. General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 27, 2023, reveal that Sonny isn’t the only one preparing for Christmas. James will also have his Christmas plans in the making and he will reach out to Cody for something related to that.

General Hospital: Dante Has Some Big Shockers, Confessions Are On Way

General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 27, 2023, say that Dante will be in for a big shocker. He will question Chase about something around that. It looks like this will have something to do with Austin’s demise. Not only Chase, but Ava will also get caught up in this investigation. She will make a confession to Nina about something in those lines and it will be about Austin too.

GH/ Ava makes a big confession

Speaking of complication situations, Dec Heller will get a message that he will have to pass along to Sonny. There are speculations that say that this will be from Selina who might have a proposition for Sonny. She might ask Sonny to team up and take Cyrus down. But would it be it? We will have to wait to know.

There are more Cyrus related spoilers this week. He and Carly will run into each other while they’re at Kelly’s and it will cause big issues. Sonny had previously asked Cyrus to stay away from his ex-wife, but if Cyrus decides to go against Sonny, there might be big retaliation. It looks like drama is heating up on General Hospital in the upcoming week of General Hospital, so, don’t miss out on the heat. General Hospital airs on ABC all weekdays. In the meantime, TV Season & Spoilers will keep passing on all the latest GH-related updates like such.