GH Spoilers: Yuri Nixes Mob Threat And Saves Gloria For A Very Special Q Thanksgiving!

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that you don’t want to miss a single moment

of the show’s Monday, November 27 episode when all heck breaks loose at the

Q mansion. No—it’s not a pepperoni pizza party we’re talking about, it’s something much more explosive.

It seems that Lois Cerullo’s (Rena Sofer) mom and Brook Lynn Quartermaine’s grandma (Amanda Setton), Gloria Cerullo (Ellen Travolta), is in a jam and she’ll need a tall, handsome man to help her out of it. Keep reading to find everything you need to know GH fans!

General Hospital Spoilers – Gloria Cerullo’s Secret

Gloria is a welcome guest for the Quartermaine family Thanksgiving fest this year. But their pizza tradition stays alive when Gloria was supposed to cook up a feast yet didn’t deliver.

While cooking Gloria let things get out of hand and before they knew it, the fire alarm was blaring.

Lois demands to know what’s going on since normally Gloria would never let such a thing happen. Gloria eventually capitulates and admits she’s rubbed a Russian mobster the wrong way.

GH Spoilers – Gloria Cerullo’s Woes

Gloria stuns her daughter with her tale of woe and now Lois is afraid not just for Gloria’s safety, but for all at the Quartermaine mansion since Gloria is a walking target.

Once Yuri (Cyrus Hobbi) finds out what’s going on, he steps up as only he can.

Let’s just say that before he became the Q cook and chauffeur, he was an “enforcer.” Yuri has the knowledge that Gloria and Lois need to weather their crisis but can he come through for them?

GH Spoilers – Yuri To The Rescue

Fans know that Gloria has been nervous with “Uncle Pete” calling her. On Monday she gets some alarming texts which demand her to apologize.

Before Gloria can get the full story out, Yuri and guest Chase (Josh Swickard) plus Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) are soaking wet after the fire sprinklers go off.

General Hospital Spoilers – Yuri Brings Peace

In the midst of the chaos Gloria connects with Yuri and we have a feeling he will make everything right. It’s a great opportunity to see seldom-seen Yuri and alum Gloria in action and on the front burner.

Tell us GH fans, do you think Yuri will get a promotion after this?

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