GH Recap: Yuri Offered Up His Not-So-Nice Services To Gloria

The General Hospital recap for Monday, November 27, 2023, features Gloria’s Russian mob issues becoming Yuri’s problem. But, because he wanted them to.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, the Quartermaine curse continued, Ava joined Carly’s clan for dinner, and Curtis got more than one surprise. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

Traditional Pizza, Not Traditional Battles

Thanksgiving at the Quartermaine House was looking up with dinner cooking…until it burned and the sprinklers went off ruining everything. No bother, Lois (Rena Sofer) saved the day and called up Nina (Cynthia Watros) for delivery. However, instead of showing up with an expected spread of turkey and all the trimmings, she showed up with pizza. Alas, the curse continued.

Her appearance angered Michael (Chad Duell). Not only was he stewing over a gift basket she left outside their house for the children, but he was double mad because she dared show her face at the big house. He got her alone and told her so much.

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That wasn’t the end of the Quartermaine’s drama. Lois noticed her mother wasn’t quite herself and asked her about it. Eventually, Gloria (Ellen Travolta) admitted she was still stinging after a battle at bingo where she had it out with a Russian woman. A very dangerous woman. A crooked mobster. Curiously, Yuri (Cyrus Hobbi) secretly listened in on the conversation.

Eventually, Yuri heard enough. He came out of hiding and offered his services. “You’re having trouble with Russians? I’ll help!” And, he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Family Values

The Ashford family were initially all separated for the holidays. Portia (Brook Kerr) was stuck at work, Trina (Tabyana Ali) was with Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) enjoying some special alone time, and Curtis (Donnell Turner) was home with Marshall (Robert Gossett).

Curtis decided to take the evening to get deep into his case. Marshall wasn’t a fan of the rogue investigation, even if it was giving his son a purpose. Luckily, the subject was tabled when Portia was lucky to get off early and Spencer and Trina made their way over. Trina didn’t want to miss her first Thanksgiving with her new dad.

Meanwhile, Carly (Laura Wright) hosted a big feast at her home. She surrounded herself with Drew (Cameron Mathison), Joss (Eden McCoy), and the little girls. She even invited Ava (Maura West) to join the gathering…a move that impressed Sonny (Maurice Benard). So much so, that he granted Dex (Evan Hofer) the night off to join the fun.

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Friends, Foes, And Family

Sonny then went to The Metro Court to dine with Robert (Tristan Rogers), Diane Diane (Carolyn Hennesy), Anna (Finola Hughes), and Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer). He got there just in time to see Anna and Nina huddled together. What he missed was Anna ripping into Nina about deleting the security footage. How dare she?!

Anna then had a huddle with Sonny where she talked about her stalker turning up dead. How odd, right? “It looks like someone stacked the deck,” Sonny winked. He then went off to kiss his wife. This was their first holiday as a married couple, after all.

Back at the table, Emma was overjoyed to be with her grandpa. She was even happier to watch him choke on his wine when she asked how long he’s been dating Diane. It was a fun little moment and everyone had a good laugh.

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