General Hospital Star Laura Wright Spills On Drew’s Hidden Memories!

In the always-changing world of General Hospital, relationships are the heart of drama, and unexpected couples can surprise loyal fans. One such pairing that has caught attention and sparked talk is Carly Spencer and Drew Cain getting together. As the SEC scandal settles down and Drew gets out of prison, they seem ready to move on. But what’s puzzling many fans is the unlikely connection between Carly and Drew.

Actress Laura Wright, who plays Carly, recently shared interesting thoughts, explaining a fascinating aspect of their relationship that might clarify the special bond between the characters. It appears that Drew having Jason’s memories from a complicated storyline adds a surprising twist to their romance, making people wonder how this shared past might shape their future. Could Drew retaining Jason’s memories be what makes Carly and Drew an interesting, though unusual, couple? Let’s delve in and find out!

General Hospital: Jason’s Memories Ignite Carly And Drew’s Unexpected Connection!

Spoilers suggest that Carly and Drew can now move on after resolving the SEC scandal and his release from prison. Despite their fast-paced romance, Carly and Drew seem like an unexpected couple. Initially, many fans thought he would get back together with Sam McCall when he returned. Actress Laura Wright shared an interesting perspective on Carly and Drew’s relationship. Ms. Wright did not hesitate to mentioned something that fans might have forgotten. She remind everyone that Drew still has all of Jason’s memories.

For those who remember, when Drew first arrived in Port Charles in 2014, he initially thought he was Jason Morgan. Everyone believed he was Jason (after months of speculation) until the “real Jason” returned to the scene in 2017. That’s when they revealed that Drew was Jason’s twin and had received his brother’s memories, making him think he was Jason. General Hospital star points out that Drew still has all of Jason’s memories because of the mind-swap storyline. Even though he got back his own memories at one point, it didn’t erase the false ones he received.

GH/ Drew, Carly and Jason

While Burton and Anderson said in the podcast that they thought Jason’s memories were cleared from Drew’s mind when he got his own life back, Wright quickly explained that this wasn’t true. She suggests that supposedly Drew still has some of Jason’s memories, even though the show hasn’t explored that idea. Laura suggests that it would be interesting to explore in a scene because, if Carly attempted a previous trick or scheme on Cain, he could respond with, “Nope, been there done that,” thanks to the memories he has of Jason. He knows her past and misdeeds inside out, adding a fun layer to their romance.

While Laura joked that Carly is with Drew because she can’t be with Jason, the truth is that being with Cain is as close as Carly can get to being with Mr. Morgan, at least for now. Could their closeness be because Drew has all of Jason’s memories? Share your thoughts below and let us know what you think. Also, keep your dial locked on TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest scoops on General Hospital!