General Hospital: Brooklyn Rae Silzer’s Future Plans REVEALED! LEAVING Forever?

The much-loved soap opera, General Hospital, recently treated its devoted fans to a heartwarming surprise. Brooklyn Rae Silzer, who has played the lovable character Emma Drake since her debut in July 2011, made a special and unexpected appearance. This lovely moment happened just in time for the Thanksgiving festivities with characters Anna and Robert. Viewers marveled at the stunning transformation of the actress from a young girl to a young woman. Her grown-up presence equally captivated the cast and crew.

Unexpected Reunion for Thanksgiving Delights Fans and Cast

In an exclusive interview with Soap Opera Digest, Brooklyn Rae Silzer shared the behind-the-scenes magic of her return to the iconic set of General Hospital. She revealed the amusing reactions from the cast, saying, “Every time I’m there, everyone just stops and stares at me, and they’re like, ‘What?! How are you so big?’” The intermittent nature of her visits only intensifies the astonishment, creating a delightful atmosphere on set. Despite the infrequency, the soap opera family consistently thrills at witnessing the evolution of the once-young actress.

GH/Brooklyn Rae Silzer

Amidst the glamour of the soap opera world, Silzer is currently actively pursuing her dreams in real life. She revealed that she dedicates a significant portion of her time, applying for nursing school. This sheds light on a passion that has been with her since childhood. Her dedication to pursuing a nursing career has been greatly shaped by her time on General Hospital.

Through these years, she has not only evolved as an actress but has also grown as an individual. Silzer shared, “Ever since I started, I’ve known I wanted to be a nurse, I think since I was six years old.” This dedication has only deepened over the years through her involvement in volunteer work during her high school years.

A Future in Medicine Inspired by General Hospital

Silzer opened up about her aspirations to attend college in California. She emphasized her desire to stay local to facilitate more frequent returns to the beloved town of Port Charles. Her dream of pursuing a career in medicine has been influenced by her on-screen character in General Hospital.

Emma Drake, who works in a lab, serves as a source of inspiration for her chosen path. Silzer expressed her joy at playing a character aligned with her real-life ambitions, stating, “It was cool to play a smarter character and to [find out] she’s working in a lab, since that’s something I obviously want to do in real life.” Emma’s character has organically evolved, mirroring Silzer’s personal growth and aspirations.

GH/Brooklyn Rae Silzer

As Brooklyn Rae Silzer embarks on the exciting journey of nursing school and a promising future in medicine, fans eagerly await her return to General Hospital. The soap opera universe extends heartfelt wishes for success in her studies and the fulfillment of her dreams. With anticipation, fans hope to witness another enchanting visit from Emma in the charming town of Port Charles very soon! Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more surprises and heartwarming updates on General Hospital!