General Hospital Spoilers: Drew’s Worst Father of the Year Award

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) has been getting slammed by GH fans on social media thanks to some troubling behavior. Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) is clearly picking up on it as well, so let’s hope she’s on the verge of calling Drew out on his terrible parenting skills.

Of course, we should start out by saying we have no doubt that Drew loves Scout Cain (Cosette Abinante). When Drew was stuck in captivity, getting home to Scout was a huge part of his motivation to survive and really kept him going.

However, Drew has been making some problematic choices that affect Scout ever since his return to Port Charles.

For example, when this whole insider trading situation came up, Drew was focused on protecting Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) above all else.

Drew was willing to take the fall and land in prison, which meant another lengthy separation from Scout.

Plus, Drew put himself in a risky position where his life ended up on the line, which could’ve cost Scout her father forever.

It’s clear that Scout has some serious issues due to the times when Drew’s been out of the picture. It’s left Scout desperate to please Drew, who’s overstepping big time when it comes to co-parenting and making decisions.

Drew blindsided both Scout and Sam with the idea of putting Scout in Westwood Academy, a fancy private school that he feels is best. That’s a conversation that Drew should’ve alone with Sam before springing it on Scout like that.

Instead of picking up on the fact that Scout only agreed because it’s what he wanted, Drew acted totally oblivious to her real feelings.

Scout later came clean to Sam about how she didn’t want to attend Westwood, so Sam is the parent she’s more comfortable being honest with.

It seems like Scout is afraid of disappointing Drew – perhaps since they’ve had so little time together.

In the November 28 episode, Drew also kept trying to give Scout a nudge toward working at Aurora Media someday. There was talk in Drew’s interview about the legacy that he wanted to leave for Scout by starting this company.

That rings hollow when you consider that Drew offered to sell Aurora to help Carly pay her insider trading fines not too long ago!

Drew also broke a promise to Scout when he went to see Carly first instead of his daughter following his prison release.

The show’s consistently showing that Drew puts Carly before Scout – and now he’s trying to pressure Scout to attend this school she has no interest in going to.

Drew is definitely in the running for the worst father of the year award in Port Charles! Scout deserves better, so maybe Sam can get through to Drew and help him see that he needs to get his act together in the dad department.

General Hospital spoilers say Drew still has a chance to turn things around, so stay tuned for updates on whether good news is ahead.

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