General Hospital: Brooklyn and Chase Ready To Get Married!!

The latest General Hospital preview video dropped a major bomb when Gloria asked Chase and Brook Lynn when they are getting married. Although the question left the duo shell shocked, it certainly has given them a lot to ponder over. Chase’s father – Gregory really does not have a lot of time on his hands. In fact, ever since his ALS storyline rolled out. We knew it would merge tracks with BLQ and Chase’s impromptu wedding storyline. And it seems the time for it is finally upon us! Keep reading to find out more!

Brook Lynn and Chase Contemplate Marriage

General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 4-8, 2023, reveal that Brook Lynn expresses her doubts when Chase makes a hasty suggestion. There is suddenly a lot of talk about them getting married on the soap. In fact, Brook Lynn and Chase have had strong feelings for each other for years and have been together for four years now. The two have even overcome a break up and grown as solid partners. Their relationship is better than ever, and the two are genuinely happy together!

GH/ Chase and Brook Lynn discuss their future

Thus, a marriage is certainly not a very outlandish idea at this point on General Hospital. Especially with Gregory’s condition. Thus, there is a solid chance that Chase will feel urged to put together a quick wedding so that his father can attend it. And so that all of them can have a happy celebration as a family before doom strikes. Unless someone in Port Charles manages to find a miracle cure for him. (We do wish from all our heart that someone does, though!)

Chase and Brook Make an Announcement on General Hospital

Despite her many hang-ups Brook Lynn might come to terms with Chase’s suggestion on General Hospital. The spoilers reveal that the couple will make a big announcement in the upcoming week, that will be cause for celebrations. Honestly, Brook Lynn has her family’s support and blessing for this union. Lois too, was quick to give her stamp of approval to her daughter beau, when she first arrived in Port Charles.

GH/ Brook Lynn and Chase make an announcement to their family

On a personal level, Chase has proven himself worthy, and Brook Lynn too, has shown a lot of growth in the relationship. Thus, the timing is perfect for the couple to take a deep dive in marital commitment on General Hospital. However, once the decision is made and announced, will things follow up just as smoothly? Considering that this is Port Charles, we have our doubts! What do you think could go wrong here? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates and News on BLQ and Chase’s future!