DNA Test: “Spencer’s Heartbreak: Ace’s Real Father Revealed—GH’s Jaw-Dropping Paternity Twist!”

Life is rarely what it seems like. Especially when talking about a soap like General Hospital, we are almost 100% sure that things are way different than what they seem. The recent spoilers and speculations hint at something similar. As per the latest spoilers, it looks like there is going to be a paternity shakeup again, and this new shakeup is going to change a lot of things for a lot of characters. If the speculations are to be believed, Ace’s father is not who we all believed to be but someone entirely new. Keep reading to find out all about this new shakeup.

General Hospital Rewrites Ace’s Paternity, New Father takes centre stage

Up until now, there has been a lot of question about who is Ace’s father and honestly, General Hospital has also left a wiggle space there. They have never bothered with the DNA test, even when there was a lot of question about who the father could be, Nick or Spencer. However, now, it seems like there is a third person in the competition. As per the latest speculation, the GH newcomer Adam could get in the mix.

General Hospital viewers who have been keeping up with the soap know that Esme slept with Nikolas and claimed that Ace was his child. But hear us out; what if Nikolas wasn’t the only person she slept with? What if she was also seeing someone else around that time? You might recall Adam had made a brief appearance back in the time. So, what if he and Esme were involved that time around?

GH/ Ace’s paternity Is In Question

Adam Gets A Big Storyline: Is He The Father

Joshua Benard is back to General Hospital, and he is taking on the role of Adam Wright. In fact, the latest spoilers confirm that he is in for a serious storyline and will get a bigger story arc. So, what if this storyline is none other than his hidden relationship with Esme? If he really is Ace’s biological dad, it could push him on the edge and shock him while engaging everyone.

If we are being too honest, General Hospital hasn’t really given the Ace’s paternity storyline as much limelight as It could have gotten. Maybe now is the time when Ace’s paternity becomes the centre of attention, and everything comes out in the open. This storyline would really not just engage the audience but also allow GH to save SPRINA.

GH/ Is Adam The Father?

General Hospital fans have been complaining about how Sprina’s relationship really is in danger. One of the biggest reasons for their breakup seems to be Spencer’s engagement with Ace. He can’t seem to draw any boundaries there. But, if it turns out Ace is actually Adam and Esme’s child, Spencer might likely step back at least a little bit, saving Sprina as a whole.

Whatever might happen there, we believe that a big Ace-related storyline is coming up. So, make sure you tune in and enjoy. What do you think is going to happen in this storyline?