GH Spoilers: Mason Throws Ava To The Cops For Austin’s Murder, Will Sonny be able to Save Her?

When General Hospital revealed Austin as a puppet at Cyrus’ hands, we knew he and Ava were over. Especially, since he had a hand in Nik’s survival and he kept it from Ava. However, what we didn’t see coming was Austin’s life coming to an end. The ABC soap has once again done well in proving that it is not afraid of killing off a major character without any prior hints! But now, we wonder if Austin’s end will also create one for Ava! Let’s find out!

Dante Starts An Investigation For Austin’s Murder

Things were looking terrible for Austin Holt on General Hospital. However, we still didn’t expect it all to culminate in Austin’s murder. Nevertheless, the twist in the tale has opened the doors to another classic WHODUNNIT. The two main characters who are most likely to surface as possible culprits at this point are – Curtis and Ava. And Dante is all set to find out which of the two is actually responsible. Or could there be a third possibility here that we aren’t seeing yet?

GH/ Dante starts investigation for Austin’s murder

We know it’s easy to pin everything on bad guy Cyrus right now on General Hospital. And why not, he seems to be in the helm of way too many mishaps at the moment. From targeting Drew to ordering Ava’s misfortune, he did it all. And also, let’s not forget that Austin was about to make a full confession – that would’ve taken Cyrus down. So it does make sense. As for Ava, well, she came to hate Austin for his involvement with Cyrus and Nik. But was that enough for her to shoot him dead?

Will Ava Go Down For The Crime on General Hospital

Honestly speaking, the chances of Ava actually being guilty of pulling the trigger on Austin are actually quite low on General Hospital. She has been more on the defense off late rather than on the offence. Sure, she declared that she wasn’t afraid of any of them anymore, but she was not embarking on a murder rampage anytime soon. However, she might still find herself in the crosshair of the murder investigation, thanks to Mason.

GH/ Mason tries to frame Ava

The General Hospital preview video shows Dante questioning Ava about Austin’s murder. This came hot on the heels of Mason tipping off Dante about Ava’s tiff with the murder victim. That seems like a reasonable point to start off the investigation. But how far will this actually go? It is more likely that Cyrus ordered the hit, But with Ava looking just as good as him for the crime, will he resort to planting evidence against her? Vey Cyrus like!

But there is one saving grace for Ava here – Sonny Corinthos! She still has him in her corner. And if she didn’t do it, it is very likely that Sonny will try to protect his daughter’s mother with all he’s got! As an added advantage, it will also help in taking Cyrus down, if he can prove Cyrus killed Austin! What do you think? Will Sonny manage to do it? Tell us in the comments.