General Hospital: Is Brennan Really Who He Says He Is? Or Is This Yet Another Case Of Plastic Surgery?

Those who tuned into the recent episode of General Hospital, saw a sexy silver fox saunter into Kelly’s. He introduced himself as a certain Mr. Brennan, as he set his sights on Carly. Once the fans were done taking in actor Charles Mesure’s good looks, they noticed noticed his Australian accent. Which, just like us, set many fans’ spidey senses abuzz.

Of course, the headline here is that Brennan is perhaps the head honcho of Pikeman on General Hospital. But that certainly can’t be the whole story. The soap invested months over months building up this particular mysterious storyline, with plenty of red herrings. So it is really unlikely that some random dude from Australia would show up in Port Charles, barking orders at the likes of Sonny Corinthos!

GH/ Mr. Brennan arrives at Kelly’s

There has to be more to it! But what could that be? Well, here’s where the Australia connection comes into play on General Hospital. Fans know that Michael Corinthos has just locked a deal over at the island for ELQ. A mere coincidence that Mikey is soon off to Australia, while Brennan just flew down from there to PC? We don’t think so! What if there a massive plot twist waiting to happen? There is a huge possibility that Brenna too, is a red herring, and not the real head of Pikeman.

Old Wine in New Bottle On General Hospital?

Maybe there is yet another man on top of him on General Hospital. There has been a lot of chatter about Ted King returning to GH. Perhaps he will be the real King pin here? Sound plausible! But wait, there is another stunning possibility. Who remember the formidable Jerry Jacks? All GH loyalists do, we are sure! The man famously altered his appearance through plastic surgery previously. What if he is doing a take two on that? Maybe Jerry has donned Brennan’s persona to pull off his Pikeman ploy!

GH/ Coul Brennan actually be Jerry Jacks?

That would be kind of exciting and will live up to the hype General Hospital has created with this storyline! Moreover, with Drew Cain and Michael Corinthos upcoming Sydney trip, we may get more answers on this. Especially, since we have a new Australia connection here. But if you would choose, what what you pick? Brennan actually being a whole new character, or getting revealed as Jerry Jacks, down the line? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on this story.