General Hospital Spoilers For The Week of December 11, 2023: Cody and Sasha Get Closer, Carly Suspects Nina

General Hospital Spoilers For The Week of December 11, 2023, reveal that Joss will have her hands full with troubled men. Will she be able to be the calm in their storms? Meanwhile, Nina will continue to sink deeper into the hell hole Mikey has dug for her. At this point, it might do her better to just confess. On a brighter note, love will be in the air for Chase and Brook Lynn. Meanwhile, Cody and Sasha begin to grow closer, too!

Joss Helps Her Boys, Chase & Brook Lynn Move Towards Ringing The Wedding Bells

General Hospital spoilers reveal that during the week of December 11, 2023, Dex reflects on his past and confides about it in Joss. This could bring to the surface some secrets from his past life. Thankfully, he will have Joss’ full support as she comforts him through it. However, he is not the only one to win her support and attention! Next week, Joss teams up with Trina to help Adam get through a difficult situation. He has been relying heavily on pills to feel better. The two ladies might give him an intervention on it.

GH/ Joss comforts Dex and Adam

Chase just popped the big question to Brook Lynn, and she said YES! The happy news of their engagement will spread through town in the upcoming episodes of General Hospital. However, something will stir up a sense of suspicion in Gloria and Lois. Perhaps they’ll wonder if BLQ has a bun in her oven or something along those lines. However, that might not necessarily be true. But she surely will have a big announcement to make!

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Cody and Sasha continue to grow fonder of each other. Other spoilers reveal that many characters will start taking notice of their sparkling chemistry. During the week of December 11, 2023, Sasha has a gift for Cody, although we will have to wait for the episodes to air to find out what exactly this gift is!

General Hospital Spoilers: Carly Corners Nina, TJ Agrees With Molly & Kristina’s Surrogacy Plan

Tensions continue to rise between Nina and Michael in the upcoming episodes. Things reach a point that it will become evident to even Carly that something is off between the two on General Hospital. Intrigued and worried, she may corner Nina and demand the truth. What will Nina do now? How long can she really keep this secret? Sonny too, seems to be catching on to the conflict between his wife and Michael. Later, Ava will also shock Nina with some news. But it will have more to do with herself than Nina. So we can expect some info about Nik or Austin.

GH/ Will Nina tell Carly the truth?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that TJ will try to put his reluctance aside and accept Molly’s decision to let Kristina be their surrogate. Like TJ, Alexis, too, will have her doubts about whether or not this is a good idea. But she will also try to get behind it for her daughters’ sake. Later, Kristina will share the big news with Sonny. So, let’s see how her father reacts to her decision. Blaze, too, will get a shocker. In all likelihood, it has to do with Kristina letting her in on her surrogacy decision.

We wonder if this will have an impact on their growing relationship! Also, watch out for a heartwarming reunion between Tracy and Ned Quartermaine during the week of December 11, 2023. GH spoilers also reveal that Diane and Robert will make a decision about their relationship. Do you think they will decide to start afresh or end it for good? Tell us in the comments.