Gary Sinise awarded Congressional Medal of Honor Society award for supporting veterans

Hollywood heartthrob Gary Sinise is widely recognised for his numerous displays of support for the American military.

The Gary Sinise Foundation, a business the Forrest Gump actor founded, has allowed him to provide millions of dollars to military personnel, veterans, first responders, and their families.

Since 1994, when he played Lieutenant Dan in the beloved film Forrest Gump, Gary Sinise has advocated for veterans’ rights.

A new unique honour has been given to the Hollywood hero, Gary, who has already garnered numerous honours for his outstanding efforts over the years.

He received the Patriot Award at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley in February 2020. The Congressional Medal of Honour Society bestows it as its highest distinction.

Gary Sinise has long since established himself as an exceptional person. He is not only an incredibly gifted actor, but also a devoted supporter of our military, frequently going above and beyond to make sure those who are in need get assistance.

My adoration to Gary Sinise is boundless.

Thank God for him and others like him who help and support soldiers and the families of the fallen. Please share this article if you believe he deserves this honour.