General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Strikes Back, Takes Down Pikemen, Valentin & Brennan

As of now, it seems as though the whole of Port Charles has turned against Sonny, or so he believes, reflect General Hospital spoilers. All thanks to Valentin’s plan of messing with his bipolar medication. Now, Sonny stands overly paranoid and making all the wrong moves. But is there anything he can do to turn things back in his favor? Dive in to find out!

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Cuts A Deal To Escape The Slammer

Currently, GH is putting a lot of focus on Laura trying to get Cyrus to speak up against what happened to him. General Hospital spoilers reveal that in the upcoming episodes he will agree to go on record with Anna about the vicious thrashing he received courtesy Sonny.

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GH/ Will Cyrus file a complaint against Sonny?

Moreover, Sonny’s once upon a time good friend, Anna Devane, is no longer focused on keeping him shielded, per General Hospital spoilers. Thus, once Cyrus makes an official complaint against him, Sonny is very likely to land behind bars.

However, that’s not a fate he is a complete stranger to. So, he knows that the only way out would be to cut a deal. And what’s of most importance to Anna and John Jagger Cates at the moment? Why, bringing down Pikeman of course!

GH/ Will Sonny cut a deal with Anna?

Thus, General Hospital spoilers hint that Sonny may agree to get intel against Pikeman for Anna. Once behind bars, he may get the opportunity to interact with Pikeman’s ex-head, Jack Brennan. Fans can even expect a showdown or a war of words between them that ultimately leads to Brennan accidentally spilling some intel. Perhaps even Valentin’s name.

That would be enough for Anna to connect the dots and bring Pikeman, Brennan and Valentin down for good with Sonny’s help. Although we wonder where Anna and Val would stand if he gets exposed as past of Pikeman?

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GH/ Will Sonny and Anna bring down Brennan and Valentin?

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