General Hospital Spoilers: Carly Is Not The Epic Romance John Is Heading For, It’s NINA!

Yes yes, we know that the cupid is smiling every time John and Carly cross paths these days, per General Hospital spoilers. With every passing day it is becoming more and more clear that the victim and his savior are heading towards a romance. But are they really? Or is there another person looming over them?

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Steals Yet Another Man From Carly

We are not denying the fact that sparks are flying in every direction between Carly and John “Jagger” off late. Nor are we rejecting the possibility of some romance between them. In fact, we are counting on it. However, the thing is that their romance is already doomed.

General Hospital spoilers confirm that John is controlling Jason by holding Carly’s RICO charges as leverage over his head. Imagine what will happen when Carly finds out the truth. There is no way she would give John Jagger a clean pass after everything he has put Jason through, that too using her as leverage.

GH/ Can John and Carly sustain his secret?

Thus, we can expect that this Carly-John romance will end in a mess. Although not without them both catching some real feelings, tease General Hospital spoilers. However, what’s most interesting is that Carly’s loss might soon become Nina’s gain. You know, the same way Drew just did. Or how once Sonny did, and before him Jax!

Can you the pattern here? General Hospital spoiler recall that Nina has picked up many men in the past that Carly has had a relationship with. So whose to say that history won’t repeat itself? Although, Carly will certainly be beyond livid if she sees one more of her lovers sharing kisses with her biggest nemesis.

GH/ Will Nina and John get romantically involved?

We wonder though how Sonny would react when he sees his almost-former wife romancing the man who is trying to destroy him? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Soap Opera Daily for more General Hospital Spoilers on the loading drama!