‘GH’ Battle Ensues For Sonya Eddy’s Posthumous Emmy

General Hospital star Sonya Eddy passed away in December 2022. She was beloved in the role of Epiphany Johnson since 2006. Then, she won a Daytime Emmy after her passing which was a monumental occasion for her family, friends, and colleagues. Sadly, there is now a battle ensuing over the award and it is not looking pretty. Read on for more details.

GH Battle Ensues For Sonya Eddy’s Posthumous Emmy

Fans were shocked when General Hospital fan favorite Sonya Eddy passed away at the tender age of 55. She was known for roles in Daddy Day Care, Coach Carter, and Those Who Can’t. Unfortunately, complications from a non-urgent procedure led to her death. She then received a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress. Posthumously, Eddy ended up winning which was a beautiful moment for all on the show and in her life. Her work had been recognized despite her no longer living, meaning Epiphany Johnson would continue to live on.

Now, it seems that there is real life drama revolving around the award, according to TMZ. It seems that Tyler Ford, her friend and producing partner, was the one who accepted Eddy’s Emmy. A month later, he still has not handed over the award to her family. This has caused a lot of drama and understandably so. Her brother, Robby, claims that they were not made aware of the award being given. Plus, Tyler has made it clear that he is not relinquishing it to them but there is more to the story.

Sonya Eddy was not in contact with her family when she passed. Her mother is 84 and dealing with Alzheimer’s. Therefore, she and Robby were battling over who would care for mama. However, Robby claims they were working toward a better relationship shortly before Sonya passed on. As for what he and his family plan to do regarding this situation, they are not going the legal route. They want to keep this as a special moment for the General Hospital star’s carer. Yet, they hope Tyler will do the right thing in the long run and return the Emmy.

Sadness At GH

It has been a sad time at General Hospital. Not only did Sonya Eddy pass away but shortly after she died so did Jackie Zeman. Zeman had played Bobbie Spencer on the show for decades and just got her iconic sendoff. Then, in October 2023, Tyler Christopher died, as well. The cast has dealt with a lot of heartbreak but they are sticking together and now, new moments are ahead. Steve Burton will be back as Jason Morgan so hopefully, excitement will combat some sadness.

Are you shocked at the Sonya Eddy Emmy debacle? Who do you think should have the award or should it go home to GH?