General Hospital Spoilers: πŸ’” John's Dangerous Threat to Jason! Can Their Relationship Survive the Fallout? It Will Shocked You

πŸ’” **John’s Dangerous Threat to Jason! Can Their Relationship Survive the Fallout? It Will Shock You | General Hospital Spoilers**

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In the latest General Hospital episode, tensions rise as Jason Morgan chooses to speak with John, without legal representation present. This decision enrages Harrison Chase, who fears Jason may strike a deal. However, Brooklyn accompanies Chase to meet Dante, hoping to calm the situation.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Willow overhear the news of Jason turning himself in. While Willow doubts Jason’s involvement in Dante’s fate, Elizabeth struggles with what to tell her son, Jake. The emotional turmoil within the family intensifies as Jake expresses his desire for Jason to face consequences.

As John interrogates Jason, demanding answers, their exchange becomes heated. John warns Jason of the consequences of his actions, while Jason remains steadfast in his innocence regarding Dante’s condition.

Elsewhere, Trina confides in Stella about her grief over Spencer’s death, while Michael informs Josslyn of Jason’s surrender. Josslyn’s concern for Jason leads to a confrontation with John at the police station.

Amidst the chaos, Laura confides in Curtis about her doubts regarding Jason’s guilt, and Carly defies John’s attempts to hinder her visit to Jason.

As the storyline unfolds, viewers can expect twists and turns, including Gregory’s declining health and Anna’s surprising discovery. Will Jason and John’s relationship survive the fallout? Stay tuned for more thrilling updates on General Hospital!

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