General Hospital star Alley Mills weighs in on her return to show after Emmy win

Alley Mills won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Performance for her role as Heather Webber on General Hospital, and now the star is returning to the hit soap opera.

The award-winning actress was excited for the return as she gushed about the opportunity to Soap Opera Digest, and about winning the prestigious award a few weeks prior. “I didn’t expect it to be such a deep experience for me, because I’ve been around for so long,” she said about winning the Daytime Emmy.

“It really was an amazing night. I’ve never really cared about awards, but it felt like somebody saying, ‘Hey, girl, good job for 72 years!’” Alley said, “I was the kid in the fifth grade play in New York City and now, here I am! That’s what feels so cool.”

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She was excited to return to her role ( 


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She added: “And that it was for Heather really matters to me because she was such a trip for me to figure out and play and I love her, so it was sort of a tribute to her for me, too.”

Alley shared about her character’s plot and how she had to stick to a realistic return. She explained that executive producer Frank Valentini told that Heather had to stay in prison for a while.

She also opened up about working with her co-workers, saying she “loved” working with Avery Pohl, who plays Esme”.

Alley opened up about her character’s relationship with Esme ( 


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In the show, Esme showed up at Pentonville to visit Heather, and Alley described this as “thrilling” for the character. “She is so psyched. I mean, this is the first time ever that Esme has come to her and is not upset with her,” she said.

“Without her memory, Heather is just sort of this weird person who gets her in trouble, this bloodline that she’s sort of ashamed of. But with her memory back, I look at her and I realize, ‘We’re so much alike, she’s so much like me.’ Heather knew that was going to be true, but it’s the first time that she sees this side of her,” she added.

Alley continued: “She’s never really gotten to see Esme in action before. It is amazing for Heather to see that glint in her eye, to see a side of her that is vengeful and passionate. Heather gets to see her real daughter for the first time and it’s amazing to her.”