General Hospital: Steve Burton Confirms Long-Term Return As Jason Morgan!

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Jason Morgan isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! Amid all the rumors and arguments online about how long Steve Burton will stay on the show, Burton himself steps in to clear things up.

The actor assures viewers that Jason’s comeback isn’t just a fleeting visit but rather the beginning of a compelling storyline. So, let’s delve in and see how long he is here to stay!

General Hospital: Steve Commits To Two More Years As Jason

Steve Burton recently confirmed that he’s sticking around for a while. There has been some confusion swirling around social media about how long he would stay as Jason. But fear not! Steve himself has stepped in to set the record straight.

In an episode of The Daily Drama podcast, General Hospital star addressed the false information circulating and decided to clear up any disputes for fans who might have been scratching their heads. He assured everyone that Jason Morgan wasn’t just popping back into Port Charles only to vanish again.

GH/ Jason is back

Steve said he’s back for a long story, so he’ll have plenty of time to catch up with everyone he left behind. Some folks online thought Burton was only staying for three months, which made them believe Jason might die on the show.

But Steve proudly declares, “Hey, guess what? It’s a two-year contract, and I’m not dying!” This is great for General Hospital fans because Jason’s return has made the show more exciting.

GH/ Jason (Steve Burton)

Thinking ahead, we wonder what’ll happen when Steve’s two years are up. In an interview before, Steve said he might have “two to three years left of acting” before doing something else. But things change, and Steve might decide to stay in Port Charles even longer.

For now, fans can relax knowing Steve Burton will be here for at least two more years. So let’s enjoy watching Jason Morgan deal with all the tough stuff in Port Charles. Meanwhile, stay glued to Soap Opera Daily for your daily fix of General Hospital news and gossip!