General Hospital’s Laura Wright Teases Some ‘Nice Moments’ Ahead for ‘CarSon’

General Hospital may not be re-pairing Sonny and Carly — yet — but the groundwork is certainly being laid for a do-over. Or, given their love of getting married, an “I do”-over. “There’s some stuff coming up,” Laura Wright tells Soap Opera Digest, “where you see some nice moments, some real moments of how they feel about each other when they’re not fighting or yelling at each other.”

When the truth comes out, that Nina sicked the SEC on Carly, it’s going to be the challenge of a lifetime for the former Mrs. Corinthos not to drop the world’s biggest “I told ya so” on Sonny. For ages, Carly has maintained that her would-be successor is as toxic as daughter Nelle was.

However, as much as the new owner of Kelly’s may relish the idea of Sonny’s eyes being pried open where Nina is concerned, she doesn’t want him in, like, you know… prison. Hence, her swooping in to keep embittered kids Michael and Josslyn from getting the career criminal sent up the river.

“It’s a fine line for Carly to want to take,” says Wright, “to want him protected and to make sure he’s OK, and also, for it not to hurt. He’s the first person she’d scream at but the first person she’d take a bullet for.”

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that! Before you bop along to read another story, review Carly’s checkered past — with Sonny, Jason, everybody! — in the below photo gallery that tells her life story.