General Hospital Spoilers Speculation: Here’s Who Solves the Anna Stalking Mystery

Finding out who on GH will also explain why.

GH spoilers make us think that the danger to Anna isn’t over yet, not by a long shot, which means there’s a lot for her to discover before she’s safe.


GH Spoilers Speculation

Who tried to shoot Anna (Finola Hughes)? It was Anna, right — and not anyone else at the Metro Court pool, right?

Certainly seems so since we’re also now wondering who burned her house down. And, most importantly, why?

This is a mystery crying out to be solved. And we know who is poised to solve it!



General Hospital: To Protect And Serve

What could be more exciting than the Port Charles Police Department actually doing their job for once and figuring out whodunit?

This would be such a change for Mac (John J. York) and company. No one will believe it!


GH: Guilty Party

Someone is really going out of their way to make it seem like Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is the culprit.

Which is why Valnetin has the best motivation to clear his name. Oh, and he’s also in love with Anna.

That’s a good reason to do it, too.


General Hospital: Private Eyes

Maybe Dante will put the clues together on his own, outside of the police department.

Of course, that will mean him breaking a few laws that he’s not allowed to do while he’s carrying a badge.

We can see Dante doing some off-duty sleuthing and procuring evidence that Cop Dante would never be privy to.


GH: My Town

Sonny (Maurice Benard) was also a target. And Sonny does not handle any kind of slights well.

Especially ones that suggest everything that happens in Port Charles isn’t under his control.

Sure, Sonny would want to help out Robin’s (Kimberly McCullough) mother.

But he also wants to prove that you don’t take potshots at the Dapper Don and live to tell about it. This time, it’s personal.


GH Spoilers: Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

But, in the end, it will be Anna for the win.

She’s skilled enough, she’s smart enough, and she’s got skin in the game like no one else.

She’ll get to the bottom of this, make everyone else feel stupid…and save her own life.


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