General Hospital SHOCKING TWIST: Cody Kills Gladys To Save Sasha

General Hospital has a way of dealing with its villains! They stretch and stretch their treacherous and deviancy

, until the fellow characters and the audience just cannot bare the atrocities anymore. And then boom!

In the most unexpected manner, the makers wipe them off the canvas. We recently saw it go down for

Ryan Chamberlain and Victor Cassadine in close succession. And now, it might be time for another infuriating villain to suffer the same fate! Keep reading to find out how it all goes down and what could be the aftermath!

It’s Time To Say Good Bye Gladys!
The walls have been slowly but steadily closing in on Gladys for quite some time now on General Hospital. She has never been a very likable character, but her recent antics with Sasha have really broken the camel’s back! The viewers just cannot take it anymore! Moreover, Gladys seems to be rubbing most of the Port Charles characters the wrong way too! She is basically one expose away from becoming the town’s number 1 most hated person!

General Hospital

In the latest General Hospital preview video, Gladys herself is shocked to see Sasha’s condition at Ferncliff. She demands Dr. Montague to stop whatever it is that he is doing to her daughter-in-law. However, her accomplice has now gone rogue! He refuses to back down until she gives him a handsome payout to go away. This betrayal has basically left her all alone, deep neck in an all consuming quick sand! Gladys already owes a gigantic heap of money to Selena Wu, so it is unlikely that she can actually pay Montague off! So what next?

We have a bad feeling for Gladys on General Hospital! She has really been driven in a corner and there is a huge chance that with so many people coming in for her she might retaliate in a manner that could end in a fatality. Mostly, her own fatality. But at who’s hands? At this point, almost everyone on the canvas is about to be out for her blood! So if Gladys does end up dead, let’s take a peek at who could be the one who makes her meet her maker!

But WHODUNNIT on General Hospital?
So the most obvious one first! Cody Bell! For starters, he did threaten her publicly, and has been actively working towards her downfall. So should she end up dead, the first name on the list of possible killers would be his. Moreover, his previous dalliances with the law wouldn’t do him any favors either! Next, we have the all mighty dimpled don of Port Charles, Sonny Corinthos! He would do practically anything for his family. And Sasha is exactly that to him, Gladys, not so much! Thus, if in the upcoming episodes, Sonny does find out the truth about what Gladys did to Sasha, Oh Boy! He will bury her alive!

Then, there is also a possibility that when Gladys’ truth explodes, the law will be on her tail on General Hospital. Sam and Dante could be out to arrest her and resistance or retaliation from her side could lead to casualty! But that would be too neat for GH, so naah! We don’t see that happening! There are in fact two other criminals who might actually be a better fit to end up as Gladys’ murderer! Dr. Montague and Selena Wu! The wicked psychiatrist and the clandestine poker host, both, are blackmailing her at this point.

General Hospital

So there is a possibility that Gladys might get pushed to her breaking point during a confrontation with either one of them and that fight could end with her death. What do you think? Which one of the above scenarios seem more likely to you? Tell us in the comments? Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on this speculative twist!