General Hospital's Desperate Gladys Gets Caught In Her Own Web

The walls are closing in on Gladys this week on General Hospital — deservedly so,

considering how she trapped poor Sasha in Ferncliff — and the mother-in-law from hell

turns to a surprising source for help. As Selina demands Gladys pay her debts and sleazy

Dr. Montague puts the squeeze on her for hush money, the cash-strapped conniver is rapidly running out of options. “Gladys is in an awful situation,” portrayer Bonnie Burroughs told Soap Opera Digest. “She feels massive guilt for what’s happened to Sasha.” And while Gladys is the one who landed her in Ferncliff in the first place, Burroughs said her character “did not mean for this incredibly dangerous and harmful thing to happen to her.”

Well, Gladys, that’s why you should’ve sent her to the spa jail, Spring Ridge, instead. But we digress. Increasingly desperate, she begs Nina to float her the money she needs. “It’s the only option she can think of,” Burroughs explained of the turn to Sasha’s almost-mom. “Of course, Gladys is a weasel initially and tries to paint a picture of needing to cover Sasha’s medical bills.”

Nina helps out GH

A suspicious Nina doesn’t buy that bunch of baloney, but Gladys tap-dances well enough to cover her own butt while pointing the finger at Dr. Montague. “She does admit she’s got a gambling problem and that this sleazy doctor isn’t going to release Sasha from hell unless he gets paid,” said Burroughs.

Nina finally relents and decides to bail out the beleaguered bee with an itch, but with one major string attached: She wants to tell Sonny.

“It’s getting pretty intense,” Burroughs warned of Gladys’ predicament.

That’s going to be an understatement if and when Sonny finds out what his crooked cousin has been up to. With the list of people gunning for Gladys growing ever-longer, she better grab a sleeping bag for her visit with the fishes.

Check out our round-up of folks who might just send Gladys on that permanent vacation via our photo gallery below.