General Hospital Comings And Goings: Josslyn RECAST In Works? Actor Temporarily REPLACES Her

Recasts, temporary and permanent, are a rather usual occurrence on soap operas. And General Hospital is no exception.

Considering that the soap has been on air for multiple decades, changes in casting are inevitable. However, off-late,

GH has created quite a stir among its fan base with its recast spree. While some of those recasts worked well in the soaps’ favor

, some others are still trying to find their footing with the viewers. Now, yet another prominent character, Joss, has been temporarily recast! And you won’t believe which existing cast-mate has replaced her! Brace yourself and dive in to find out!

In a recent Instagram video that has now gone viral on social media, actress Eden McCoy is seen swapping her character of Josslyn with one of her highly acclaimed co-stars! And wait for it… It is none other than Maurice Benard! Okay, don’t hurt yourself by scratching your head too hard; here is the full scoop! General Hospital star Maurice Benard is on his Milestone Tour. He kicked the glam event off in Kansas City. The evening became far more exciting when Maurice was joined by his GH co-stars, Eden McCoy and Evan Hofer, who play Joss and Dex, respectively.

General Hospital

The Kansas City Character MixUp On General Hospital
At one point during the event, Maurice and Eden decided to give us a glimpse of what they would look like if they swapped their General Hospital characters! Sounds Bonkers, right? You honestly have to watch the laugh riot! It was priceless! Maurice slipped into Joss’ skin by tossing a blonde wig on his head. Meanwhile, Eden transformed into Port Charles’ dimpled don by putting on Maurice’s State of Mind hat! The response from the live audience must have been so enthralling that Eden later showered Kansas City with her love on social media.

The General Hospital star also profusely thanked Maurice Benard for roping her and Evan in as his surprise guests. “You’re the best! I loved playing Sonny for 30 seconds, and I loved your take on Joss!” she wrote in her tweet. Later, Maurice Benard shared a snippet of his hilarious exchange with Eden on his official Instagram account. You can watch the clip recorded at the Comedy Club in Kansas below! It’s probably the best social media watch of the day!

Apart from the live entertainment, this is also a goldmine for the makers of the ABC soap you see! Just in case they ever need a quick temporary recast for Joss, now they know who to tap into! (wink wink!) What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more fun General Hospital scoops like these!