General Hospital Preview: R.I.P., Gladys? Life Hangs in the Balance and a Murder Mystery

The walls are closing in on Gladys. The General Hospital baddie has not only infuriated the audience

with her treatment of daughter-in-law Sasha, she’s made an enemy of Cody, she owes a bleep-ton of money

to Selina and knows enough about Dr. Montague to make him want to prescribe her a dirt nap. Is the end nigh for Brando’s manipulative Mommie Dearest?

Payback Is a Bitch

At some point, Gladys is going to have to get busted. Fans are out for blood after the way that she’s used and abused Sasha. Now, the mother-in-law from hell might be made to pay by doing time in Port Charles’ new hot spot, Pentonville. And as wonderful as Bonnie Boroughs is in the role, we’d love that. Let Gladys suffer the indignity of wearing a blah prison jumper, then set her free a supposedly “changed” woman. (Ha!)

Sasha and Gladys discuss mistake GH

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But there is, of course, another route the show could take…

Grave Matters

Gladys’ next plot could turn out to be one of the funeral variety. If Sasha catches on to how horrifically Gladys has taken advantage of her, she’ll probably be ready to strangle her. Selina isn’t in the habit of letting people’s debts slide. Dr. Montague has already proven that there’s no low to which he won’t stoop. And then there’s Cody…

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We don’t think for a minute that General Hospital will have him murder Gladys; it’s invested too much in making him a frontburner hero type. But we do suspect that he’ll end up being framed for the crime, thus giving him and Sasha a mystery to solve together as they inch ever closer to coupledom.