General Hospital News: Chad Duell Is Moving On To A New Start

Michael Corinthos had to battle some really tough months on General Hospital. Especially on the personal front as his beloved

Willow was trying to fight advanced stage cancer. Meanwhile, also remain occupied with his quest to tip down his step-father, Sonny Corinthos.

But the worst for him now seems to be in the past. Well, at least for now! After all, it is daytime television, and troubles and drama

is only ever a blink away! Anyway, as long as the lull before the storm stays, Michael is doing his best to enjoy parenthood alongside Willow!

Interestingly, Michael’s portrayer, Chad Duell is also on the brink of parenthood in real life! The General Hospital star and his partner, Luana Lucci are expecting a baby. Luana is quite far along, and good news might drop any moment! Even as we speak, for all we know!

Rest assured that we will pass on the news to you as soon as we hear any. However, until then, there is something else we’d like to share! Recently, Chad Duell posted a picture on his Instagram account along with a caption that is making us wonder if he’s about to bid GH goodbye!

General HospitalGH/ Chad Duell & Luana Lucci

Honestly speaking, ever since Michael gave up on his mission to destroy Sonny, he has sort of moved to the back burner on General Hospital. His domestic bliss with Willow and their children is a back seat storyline and he is hardly ever seen in the front and center of anything anymore. What gives, we wonder! In his latest Instagram post, Chad wrote about starting new journeys. “Embracing new journeys in life is like learning to tango with the unknown,” he wrote in the caption. Furthermore, he pointed that we stumble and even fall but eventually we find our rhythm and create a dance that is uniquely ours.

We wonder what he could be talking about? Could Chad be suggesting that Michael has lived through all possible storylines on General Hospital, and it could be time for him to start something new as an actor? It is a possibility! But then, there is also an equal chance that he could be talking about embracing fatherhood and embarking on a new beginning that would perhaps demand a completely different version of him. We really hope it is the latter and not the former! Because Chad really is a stellar performer and we would hate to lose an amazing star like him from the soap.

That being said, even if he is talking about embracing fatherhood, there is still a possibility that Chad might take a short break from filming for General Hospital when the baby arrives. After all, it does take a village to care for a child! So we should be prepared to see a little less of him in the near future!